September Wrap Up

Hello fall! I couldn’t be happier that a new season has started, how do you feel about fall? I read 17 books which is super low for me, but honestly I don’t even care anymore lol. I still love blogging and reading but slowing down has been so nice and I’m probably going to continue to do so. I actually read about five more books but I either just reviewed on Goodreads or haven’t put reviews up yet. Again, I can’t muster the energy to care. I feel like the quality of the books I’ve been reading has been phenomenal and I think it’s because I’ve been SO much pickier lately. I’ve DNF more books than ever and I quit feeling guilty about it. Anyway, there’s my monthly update, how was your September?!

Josh and Hazel: Spicy, Adorable and Endearing.

Cross Her Heart: Fluid, Devious and Disturbing.

Daisy Jones and the Six: Epic, Innovative and Moving.

Tear Me Apart: Engrossing, Sharp and Compelling.

The Last: Haunting, Unnerving and Creepy.

The Christmas Sisters: Enchanting, Cozy and Sweet.

The After Wife: Evocative, Moving and Beautiful.

Rapid Falls: I forgot a three word sum up for this one but I loved it!!

A Spark of Light: Profound, Emotional and Incredible.

The Night Before: Compulsive, Fast and Clever.

The Girl In His Eyes: Harrowing, Dark and Disturbing.

When the Lights Go Out: This was such a different read and my feelings are all over the place so no three word sum up.

After He Died: Apparently I forgot a three word wrap up?! I’m slacking but I really liked this one!

Season of Wonder: Magical, Sweet and Heartfelt.

The Birthday: Meticulous, Solid and Engaging.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die: Exhilarating, Dark and Smart.

What Have You Done: Twisty, Gripping and Suspenseful.

16 thoughts on “September Wrap Up

  1. deesradreadsandreviews says:

    Great wrap up!! I feel ya! I’ve slowed way down…possibly too far. I feel like I’m being really picky lately but I’ve also read more but haven’t yet reviewed them. I started out the year ahead of my goal but I think I’ve fallen behind. But the slow pace sure is nice sometimes. Anyhow, I stop babbling. Just wanted to stop by. I’ve been slacking on commenting but always love reading your reviews, posts. etc. Take care, lovely!! ❤

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  2. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom says:

    17 books is super low for you… I’m obviously doing this bookworm thing all wrong lol Good for you for “slowing down” though and not putting so much pressure on yourself!

    Daisy Jones and the Six & A Spark of Light are both on my TBR. Is that a new Mary Kubica book?! I didn’t realize she came out with another book! Sounds like you don’t know if you liked it or not?

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