July TBR 

Yay for July! I’m so excited for this month. Tons of fun stuff coming up, heading out for a week on a much needed family vacation, my two older kids are done with school and all related activities so no hauling them around, and my sons birthday month! Anyone have exciting plans in July?

Now onto the good stuff BOOKS! I have a pretty daunting TBR planned, but I’m confident that I’ll get it all done this month. I’m planning on reading 11 books and honestly I would love to add a couple more to that list. I have a few holds at the library that should be ready for me soon. If I get those I may try and sneak them into July. Fingers crossed!

I actually already started this book. But I won’t finish it and review before the day is done so July it is! It’s about Grace who lost her best friend Charlie. She discovers Charlie had a sister, Anna that she didn’t know about. As Grace begins to delve into Charlie’s life secrets are revealed.


Super excited about this one! If you read my review of My Girl then you might remember that I was a huge fan. Pretty sure this will be another excellent read. It’s about a woman named Louise who’s daughter Brooke goes missing. Missing person stories are some of my faves!


This is being touted as a gripping psychological thriller. Annoyingly being compared to Gone Girl and Girl on the Train, but still sounds good! Am I the only one who is sick of the constant comparisons? Ugh.


I am thrilled about this one! It’s a debut from an indie author that I’ve heard fantastic things about. Look for the blog tour soon!


I won this from a Goodreads giveaway and I was stoked! Can’t wait to finally read it.


I’ve never read John Hart but I always hear his books are fantastic. It’s definitely time for me to read one from him.


I adored both of Mary Kubica’s other novels and I’m positive this one won’t disappoint.


Last month I read and reviewed My Sister’s Secret and I fell in love with Buchanan’s writing style. Gorgeous imagery and stunning narrative. 


Another author who I hear about all the time that I’ve yet to read. Can’t wait for this one!


I don’t know much about this author or this book, but I won a giveaway from the Reading Room and couldn’t be more thrilled. Sometimes going in “blind” on a book is awesome.


Sounds like a delicious chick lit novel, and I love the cover! 

(All images courtesy of Goodreads)

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