Review: You’ll Be Thinking of Me by Densie Webb @dlwebb

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Release date: August 17, 2015

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Thriller


A chance encounter with a celebrity, an impromptu video, and a shiny new espresso machine. It all added up to a juicy tale for 24-year-old Rachael Allen to share with friends. but when her best friend posts the video online, bizarre threats, home break-ins, and deadly gift from an obsessed fan follow close behind.

“You’ll Be Thinking of Me” is the story of Rachael’s serendipitous encounter with a celebrity, her brush with obsessive love, and the bittersweet gift left behind by the very person fixated on destroying her life.


This blurb instantly grabbed my attention when the author contacted me about a possible review. Chance encounters, ties to Hollywood and fame, and an obsessed fan? Yes please! While it’s labeled as a romantic suspense, and Rachel and Mick’s relationship is a key part of the story, I think that fans of thrillers in general would like this one as well. 

Rachel is an average twenty four year old struggling after college to find her place in the world. She has ambitions of working in the music industry and living in New York, but for now she’s stuck living back at home with her parents in New Jersey. When she has a random encounter with celebrity Mick Sullivan neither of them realizes the impact one chance meeting will have on their entire lives.

As soon as Rachel’s best friend, Jenna posts a video of Rachel and Mick’s brief meeting online, it goes viral. Things are harmless enough, until one obsessed fan begins to take things too far. Rachel begins receiving frightening messages and letters from this unknown woman, and before long she ups the ante and sends terrifying “gifts” to her. People stalking celebrities has always fascinated and appalled me, I’ve often wondered what drives their obsession? This book takes a look at what makes a person behave in such an awful and scary manner and provides a look at the impact of stalking on both the stalker and the stalkee.

I don’t want to talk too much about what exactly the stalker does, but suffice it to say it was downright petrifying and disturbing. Getting a glimpse into the mind of a deranged and delusional person never fails to interest me and Webb did a great job of showcasing how a person so far removed from reality thinks and feels. Rachel was a really relatable character as she’s just a regular girl who happened to get entangled with a huge celebrity. The implications this has on her life are at once exciting and full of complications. Mick was charming and fun, a total bad boy. But there is much more to him than meets the eye and he’s hiding things from the world that are sad and devastating. Both are imperfect and damaged, but I really enjoyed seeing their relationship evolve throughout the book.

This was a fun and engaging read that had enough plot twists and turns to capture my attention. The pacing was good and everything flowed together nicely. The last chapter jumps ahead twenty years which delighted me, I’m a big fan of closure in my books. And the final twist in the end was unexpected and valued.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the author for my review copy.

23 thoughts on “Review: You’ll Be Thinking of Me by Densie Webb @dlwebb

  1. Beth Carter says:

    Ooh. This sounds good. Great, thoughtful review! I’m also with Soul Mate Publishing, so I’m surprised I hadn’t heard about this novel. I definitely want to read this based on your review.

    On another note, I have a new release and would love to send mine to you for review!! I’ll check out your site and requirements.

    Liked by 1 person

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