Review: Home by Harlan Coben @DuttonBooks

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Release date: September 20, 2016

Publisher: Dutton Books

Genre: Mystery/Thriller 


Ten years after the high-profile kidnapping of two young boys, only one returns home in Harlan Coben’s next gripping thriller, to be published in September 2016.

A decade ago, kidnappers grabbed two boys from wealthy families and demanded ransom, then went silent. No trace of the boys ever surfaced. For ten years their families have been left with nothing but painful memories and a quiet desperation for the day that has finally, miraculously arrived: Myron Bolitar and his friend Win believe they have located one of the boys, now a teenager. Where has he been for ten years, and what does he know about the day, more than half a life ago, when he was taken? And most critically: What can he tell Myron and Win about the fate of his missing friend? Drawing on his singular talent, Harlan Coben delivers an explosive and deeply moving thriller about friendship, family, and the meaning of home. 


The gang is back and I couldn’t be more thrilled! After waiting for what feels like forever book eleven in the Myron Bolitar series is finally here and despite the agonizing wait, it was well worth it. When I say the gang is back, I do mean the entire game; Myron, Win, Esperanza, Big Cyndi and even Mickey and crew. This should not be read as a standalone. There is just way too much history and backstory that you would be missing out on. Besides the ten books in the series before this one, Coben also wrote a three book YA series introducing Mickey Bolitar (Myron’s nephew) and his friends. Having read all of these books, I was completely caught up and really able to appreciate the deep characterization and overall growth and I would highly recommend the entire series. It is one of my favorite series out there, if not my favorite, and Home is the best book in the series hands down. 

One of my go to mystery plot lines, a missing persons case, is the basis here so if I already wasn’t hooked enough, this just upped my interest. Win receives an anonymous email with information about his cousins missing son. Ten years ago Rhys and Patrick vanished without a trace and after an initial ransom demand, there were virtually no leads. The addition of a personal connection to the case amped up the tension and I was both intrigued and anticipating how such a close connection would impact Win’s involvement. He’s already…unpredictable so how would he handle things now? Classic Win is all I’m saying.

To my absolute delight we heard things from Myron’s point of view, but we also heard from Win! What a bonus, and Coben was able to craft such unique and distinct voices for both men that I immediately noticed a change in narration. Per usual, the banter between the two is unparalleled full of razor sharp wit and finely crafted dialogue. Win is still his sardonic self and Myron is a big old softy which always makes me melt. His struggles with morality have always been a big factor in this series and continued to surface here.

Plot wise, this was classic Coben;  pacey, action packed, and nail biting. In his true fashion, the ending had the big twist followed by several other turns that left me breathless. The ending left me stunned but it was utterly perfect. Coben is an absolute master. His books have everything a good mystery/thriller should, he nails every single element. Can I rate this one higher than a five?! 

Overall rating: 5/5

8 thoughts on “Review: Home by Harlan Coben @DuttonBooks

  1. Renee says:

    I think I agree with you about reading this as a standalone, I missed out on all the backstories which impacted my enjoyment for sure.. I wasn’t sure I completely bought into the ending as far as the villain though. I like your take on it, great review!

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