Blog Tour: Uncoiled Lies by Liz Mistry @LizCrimeWarp @BloodhoundBook

I’m the last stop on the blog tour for Uncoiled Lies and I have a fabulous guest post from Liz Mistry to share. 

About the book: 

Murder. Love. Corruption. DI Angus McGuire and the team are back and have their work cut out. 
Murdered prostitutes and a turf war between local gangsters takes the investigation into Bradford’s Immigrant communities where tensions run high.

To make matters worse McGuire is juggling an illicit relationship with his boss’s daughter and has fraught family relations.

Who is The Old Man?

What is the link between three dead prostitutes and a long forgotten murder?

Will McGuire and his team get the answers they want or is the uncomfortable truth much closer to home?

Uncoiled Lies is the sequel to the best-selling, critically acclaimed, Unquiet Souls. It can be read as part of a series or as a stand-alone. It will appeal to fans of authors like; Angela Marsons, Helen H. Durrant, Mel Sherratt and Ian Rankin. 

About the Author: 

As well as writing crime fiction, Liz is co-founder of and main contributor to The Crime Warp blog, which reviews all areas of crime fiction, interviews crime authors and participates in blog tours. She is the main publicist for the blog, using social media to promote our presence. 

Liz is an ex teacher who has taught in inner city Bradford schools for over twenty years. Her husband of 27 years is Indian and they have three children. They live in inner city Bradford and Liz likes to use the rich tapestry of her life in Bradford, combined with her Scottish heritage, in her writing.

She is currently completing her dissertation for an MA in creative writing at Leeds Trinity University and hopes to graduate in December with a distinction.

Guest Post: 

To Plot or Not to Plot… that is the question!

When the germ of an idea takes hold we writers jump up and down with sheer unadulterated glee. Great! – another yarn to explore, a tale to tell, a story to discover… but how does that germ of an idea blossom from a tadpole to a frog then into a handsome Prince in a (fairy) tale, to grip the reader by the throat with a ferocity that leaves them spellbound?

Well, for most of us writers, that’s the hard bit and I believe that the development of an idea into a full blown novel is a very personal thing for each writer. I’m one of those writers that likes to let the creativity flow as I write. I don’t do very much plotting ahead once I’ve got my idea. I tend to have a rough idea of the beginning and the ending, but like to work out the route from A to B as I write.

For me, in both my novels (Unquiet Souls, which was my debut and Uncoiled Lies, my sequel) a lot of my plotting was done in my subconscious – in those hours (I’m an insomniac) when I was trying to drift off to sleep, I was thinking creepy thoughts about ‘dump sites’, or how to kill off a character or how to slot in that final quirky little twist at the end that, hopefully, would confound the reader till the very last minute. These scenes were practically written in my mind before I even put pen to paper (or in my case fingertips to keyboard). Round and round they’d spin till I knew I just had to write the scene so I could move on to some other scene. Soon as I’d got it on paper (laptop) my mind was freed up to work on another aspect of my story. For Uncoiled Lies a lot of this plot cogitating was done whilst editing Unquiet Souls.

When I’m doing something mundane like shopping or driving I often have a brainwave. Maybe it’s the fluted music or sheer ennui, but there’s something about a quiet supermarket that provokes my sub conscious mind into full blown flights of fancy about my characters and the things they get up to. I’m also an obsessive eavesdropper and get a lot of ideas from overhearing other peoples’ conversations and then asking myself the ‘what if?’ question… ‘what if it was her brother who was cheating on her best friend?” What if, instead of shouting, she picked up a knife?” “What if he came home early and saw…?” The list is endless and with so many variables.

Currently I have loads of ideas gestating (or festering if you prefer) in the back of my mind and I know that some of them will become fully fledged DI Gus McGuire stories. I’ve already started on number three and have a rough idea of what numbers four and five will be… my subconscious throws up the ideas, I take a note of them and then let them do their thing.

That doesn’t mean everyone has to plot like I do. There is no hard and fast rule. I think the secret is to find what works for you and then go for it. My creative writing tutor, Martyn Bedford, from Leeds Trinity University gave me the best advice. He said ‘Just start writing. Get it all down and then edit.” Once I gave myself the freedom to do that I progressed quickly. But, if you’re a planner then that mightn’t work for you. I have friends who swear by writing a step by step breakdown of their plot and if that works for you, then do it. Only you know how you work best and only you can write your stories.

Make sure to go back and check out the other stops on the tour! 

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