Blog Tour: Miles of Files by Mike Sahno @MikeSahno

Release date: March 10, 2017

Publisher: Sahno Publishing 

Genre: Contemporary Fiction 


Miles of Files is a literary novel that combines humor with a good old fashioned crime story. When Paul Panepinto finds out that his boss is stealing from their Tampa company’s 401(k) plan, he has to make a decision: try to stop the criminal at the risk of losing his own job, or keep his mouth shut and try to live with himself.

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Miles of Files. I have a Q & A with the author to share with you today. 

Q & A

Q: What got you into writing?

A: I was always a writer, even as a youngster. People who knew me in high school or college will remember me as Class Poet, or editor of the literary magazine.


When I got into my late teens, I started writing more fiction, some short stories. Then I started my first novel when I was about twenty-five. Once I finished the first one, I launched into writing the second novel before I ever thought about looking for an agent or publisher. That led to the three books I have available today.



Q: Why did you publish your first three novels simultaneously?

A: I thought it would make a great news story: Author Releases First Three Novels On The Same Day. I had no idea how much work I was in for…the amount of editing and proofreading was intense. But I think the result is well worth it, and people are really enjoying them – some great reviews and some humbling compliments!



Q: Why did you decide to self-publish?

A: I was well aware that publishers typically base the decision to accept or reject submissions on financial considerations. Even worse, most novelists are introverts, so we’re shy about marketing ourselves. And no one really helps us market our work, which is crucial in an age where so much is getting published. I do it all, including marketing myself.



Q: Your latest novel is called Miles of Files. How did you choose that title?

A: I like to have a little “Easter egg” in each novel for readers who have read my other books. My first novel, Brothers’ Hand, is set in a fictional town in upstate New York called Carverville. So the Easter egg in my second novel, Jana, is where the woman telling the story says her mother is from Carverville, NY. At one point in that book, Jana uses the phrase “miles of files.” That was a play on the name of a Joni Mitchell album, Miles of Aisles. It stuck in my head, and I ended up choosing it for the title of my third novel.



Q: Tell us about Miles of Files.

A: The main character finds out his boss is stealing from the company retirement plan. But it’s not a traditional embezzlement: he’s actually created these fake employee files, complete with nonexistent social security numbers, to make it look like he’s paying out benefits to former employees.


People want to know if it’s based on a real-life experience, and the answer is no. However, I once worked for a company that “froze” the company retirement plan for a year, so no one could take funds out or even put funds in. That was an unnerving experience, and it informed this novel to some degree.


Q: What advice would you give writers who are just starting out?

A: “Bash on regardless.”

Thanks to Mike for joining me today! 

About the Author: 

Michael J. Sahno was born in Bristol, CT. He earned his Bachelor’s from Lynchburg College and his Master’s in English from Binghamton University. Sahno has been a professional writer since 2001. His novels cater to an imaginative audience, particularly those who enjoy literary fiction with a twist of drama and plenty of humor. Sahno is a member of the Florida Writers Association and American Library Association, and the founder of Tampa Literary Authors.


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  1. Books, Vertigo and Tea says:

    Hmm.. interesting. There would not be any question as to what decision I would make, but I am sure many have found themselves in very difficult positions within their career. Sometimes we think we know what we would do until we are actually faced with the dilemma!

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