Saturday Shoutout: Spotlight on Betty Jean Craige 

I’m sure you all figured that I’ve given up on my Saturday Shoutout series, but I haven’t! Life has been crazy in general lately and it basically got pushed to the side, but I’m slowly going to try and revitalize it. If you’re an author and are interested in participating email me at

Today I’m going to share some more information about author Betty Jean Craige and her Witherston murder mystery series. 

The series consists of three books and the latest, Dam Witherston was released earlier this year. 


 The mayor of the north Georgia town of Witherston and one of its prominent attorneys are being blackmailed by a mysterious Donna Dam, who threatens to expose the two men’s shameful activities of forty years ago if they do not take a paternity test and pay a hefty sum of money, and if Mayor Rather does not withdraw his proposal to build a dam, creating a lake on top of a sacred Cherokee burial ground. Blackmail leads to murder, and when Detective Mev Arroyo and her two teenage twins investigate, they discover some dark secrets, putting all their lives in danger…


About the Author: 

Dr. Betty Jean Craige has published books in the fields of Spanish poetry, modern literature, history of ideas, politics, ecology, and art. She is a scholar, a translator, a teacher, and a novelist.

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