Blog Tour: One Day in December by Shari Low @sharilow @Aria_Fiction

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Release date: September 1, 2017

Publisher: Aria Fiction 

Genre: Women’s Fiction 


By the stroke of midnight, a heart would be broken, a cruel truth revealed, a devastating secret shared, and a love betrayed. Four lives would be changed forever, One Day in December.

One morning in December… 

Caro set off on a quest to find out if her relationship with her father had been based on a lifetime of lies. 

Lila decided today would be the day that she told her lover’s wife of their secret affair. 

Cammy was on the way to pick up the ring for the surprise proposal to the woman he loved. 

And Bernadette vowed that this was the day she would walk away from her controlling husband of 30 years and never look back. 

One day, four lives on a collision course with destiny…

I’m so pleased to be hosting a stop on the blog tour for One Day in December today! 


I loved the format of this one, just as the title says it follows one day in the life of four different people. I was slightly overwhelmed initially when the first page was a full list of all the characters but as soon as I started to read more I relaxed into the read and found it was actually really easy to follow. I figured out the characters lives and dynamics rather quickly and no issues keeping it all straight.  Things are broken into segments of two hour chunks and each of the four main characters have a chapter within each time period. I so love a story told from several viewpoints and I was so engrossed by this one as I knew each of them would experience something life changing but not knowing what was intriguing. I was very curious as to how their lives would intertwine or if they even actually would overlap. The structure made this a real page turner as I was always eager to see how the other characters were coming along while I was still wrapped up in the current chapter. 

In typical Low fashion she crafted a cast of wholly memorable, realistic characters, some more likable than others. While I truly came to care about each of them, I was most invested in Bernadette’s life. She was such an authentic, kind person who’s been trapped in an awful marriage for thirty years and I really wanted her to be free and happy! Caro was also so sweet and loving, she definitely tugged on my heartstrings as well. Cammy was a lovely man with loads of charm and then there was Lila. Ugh she made me so angry, she’s definitely a hard one to relate to but I was still captivated by her story. (And her appalling behavior) 

This was full of heart, humor and even some genuinely sad moments, a really emotional read. Low is a really fantastic storyteller and I loved how she wove all of the subplots together in the end. I’ve been a fan of Low for awhile now and this may be my favorite book so far! 

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy. 

About the Author 

Shari lives in Glasgow and writes a weekly opinion column and Book Club page for a well-known newspaper. She is married to a very laid-back guy and has two athletic teenage sons, who think she’s fairly embarrassing, except when they need a lift.


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