Review: The No So Perfect Plan to Save Friendship House by Lilly Bartlett @MicheleGormanUK


Release date: August 31, 2018

Publisher: Notting Hill

Genre: Chick Lit


Meet Phoebe, who’s 28, and Laney, Dot and Maggie, who are 68, 78, and none of your business. Together they’ll prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship, belonging and an unquenchable zest for life.

Laugh-out-loud uplifting chick lit about the ties of community, the strength of love and how nobody is truly ordinary.

When Framlingham’s famously all-female senior living home goes co-ed, a war between the sexes is declared.

Stuck in the middle, chef Phoebe Stockton is desperate to help her friends plot to keep the community that means so much to them. It’s become her life raft, too. She finds comfort in her beloved career that might finally make her parents proud. But Phoebe’s darling Nick is lining up on the other side of the battle, and their relationship is suffering collateral damage.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. If the home’s owner can’t improve business by moving the men in, he’ll have to close down Friendship House.

The women aren’t about to let that happen.


Ahh chick lit is my first true love and it’s so nice to go back and read it from time to time! Bartlett is quickly becoming one of my go to authors to turn to when I need an uplifting read full of positivity and hope and her latest provided me with just what I was looking for. If you want a book that will make you forget about all the terrible things going on in the world for a few hours and leave you with a smile on your face then look no further, Bartlett has you covered.

I loved the premise of this, a chef working in a senior living home, because I just knew it would be full of fun and memorable characters and I was so right. Phoebe was exactly the kind of character I love in CL, she’s a normal woman living an ordinary life but she’s someone I would want to be friends with and she has a wonderful personality. The residents of the senior home were an eclectic bunch and they both made me laugh and made me say aww so many times.

This was just an adorable read with a ton of heart, it was a delightful way to spend an afternoon and I was sad to see it end, though it did end on a high note. Recommended to curl up with when you’re having a bad day and want to change that, super light and breezy!

The Not So Perfect Plan to Save Friendship House in three words: Warm, Sweet and Fun.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the author for my review copy.

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