Review: Dancing With the Sun by Kay Bratt


Release date: November 27, 2018

Publisher: Lake Union

Genre: Women’s Fiction


When Sadie Harlan visits her daughter, Lauren, at her summer internship in Yosemite National Park, it seems like the perfect way to forget about her empty nest and failing marriage back home. But when the two women get lost on what’s meant to be a short hike, they suddenly find themselves fighting for their lives.

As they search for food, water, and civilization, they battle injury, exhaustion, and natural predators. Sadie, however, is assaulted by more than just the unforgiving elements. She lost her first child years earlier in a tragic accident, and in her sorrow, she’s pushed everyone away—including her husband. Now, Sadie must face her past through a journey of love, loss, and learning to forgive herself if she and Lauren are to stand a chance at getting out of Yosemite alive. Will a mother’s courage be enough to save them both?


I think one of my worst fears is being lost in the wilderness, I am so ill equipped as I’m not the outdoorsy type at all and I’m sure I would have a panic attack. Bratt taps into that fear in this novel and takes both the characters and the reader on an unforgettable journey that shook me to my core.

Sadie and Lauren share a typical mother and daughter bond, the kind where things aren’t always easy and there is plenty of strife. With Lauren in college now Sadie is feeling the loss of her child and Lauren is trying to break free, gain independence and grow into a mature adult. I felt so much empathy for Sadie as a mom, she just wants to protect her daughter and being lost in a national park makes this difficult to say the least. Both women were extremely well developed and both undergo a pretty serious transformation throughout the book which is always a pleasure to witness.

There were so many great themes here, it explored the love between a mother and daughter, loss, grief and how to find inner strength when you’re just beyond hope. It was so beautifully and was a true story of survival and relentless resilience in the face of extreme adversity.

Dancing With the Sun in three words: Inspired, Poignant and Emotional.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy

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