Review: A Thousand Doors


Release date: November 10, 2018

Publisher: Two Tales


The day Mia Jensen died, she finally got to live.


We’ve all played the “what if” game. For Mia Jensen, “what if” is a fact of life. Dissatisfied with her choices, she often dreams about what could have been. Now she has the chance to know. But that knowledge is going to cost her dearly. Only through death can she fully realize the value of her life. 


Forty-year-old Mia Jensen is home after a terrible day, trying to figure out how she’s come to this point in her life, when she hears a strange noise from the kitchen. She investigates, only to be brutally attacked and left for dead. As she dies, she experiences some of the lives that could have been hers had she only made a different choice. 

Can one woman can find peace with the path she’s chosen before it slips through her fingers forever? 


In general I’m not a huge fan of anthologies but when I saw that J. T. Ellison had managed to snag some of my favorite female thriller authors to make this book I had to give it a shot. Besides an amazing group of writers, the premise is also fantastic, I loved the idea of seeing the various paths one woman’s live could’ve taken and it wound up being pretty damn cool.

Each author has a chapter with one of Mia’s lives and while I enjoyed all of them, The Homeless Woman by Kerry Lonsdale left the biggest impression on me. I really liked the way this centered on one character, most anthologies usually don’t follow this pattern and I believe that’s why this one worked so well for me. The way things all came together in the end was really cool and unexpected too. If you’re looking for something different or if you want to try out a few new to you authors this would be a great choice!

A Thousand Doors in three words: Innovative, Unique and Clever.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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