Best Historical Fiction and Audiobooks of 2018 #Bestof2018

After this I only have one more post to share so my best reads series is almost wrapped up! Today I’ll be sharing my favorite HF and also my favorite audiobooks. I’ve always liked audiobooks but this year I listened to so many more than in the past and I believe audiobooks are very underrated. I’ve even seen people say that it shouldn’t count as real reading?! I don’t get that mentality at all, but I would love to hear what you think.

Best HF

The Dream Daughter was my first DC book and I’ve been slowly working my way through her backlist since I read this. This may actually be the best book I’ve read all year, it had a little something for everyone.

I love Fiona Davis and have read all three of her books and The Masterpiece was an amazing story.

This was my first Camille Di Maio but I loved The Way of Beauty SO much I’m already a firm fan. She writes beautifully and truly brought NYC to life.

If you’re a HF fan then you’ve probably already read The Great Alone but if you haven’t, it’s a total must!

As Bright as Heaven taught me about a piece of history I knew next to nothing about and it was also written so gorgeously.

Best Audio

So I don’t normally write full reviews for audiobooks, I’m not totally sure why but it’s probably because I feel like I already spend so much time writing reviews for ARCs that I just don’t wanna 😂 Anyway, these were all 4.5-5 stars for me, some are newer and some are years old, I tend to try and listen to older backlist books on my TBR in order to actually squeeze them in. Each of these comes highly recommended by me due to both an excellent plot, writing style etc but also had fantastic narration!

If you ever need an audiobook recommendation though besides these I’m your girl, just ask!

That’s it for HF and audio, what do you think?

19 thoughts on “Best Historical Fiction and Audiobooks of 2018 #Bestof2018

  1. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom says:

    It INFURIATES me when someone says that audiobooks don’t count as reading… How does it not? Just because we are taking the story in through our ears? Does that mean blind people don’t read because they read Braille with their fingers? There are people out there (my son included) that have visual processing disorders, which means they have a hard time taking text in visually. Audiobooks work really well for him because he is an auditory learner. Reading is reading no matter how you take in the text. Rant over 🙂

    Oh man, you know I love me some HF! The Great Alone is probably my most anticipated book off this list. I am trying to get one of my book clubs to pick it up!!!

    I read Before We Were Yours with one of my book clubs. I cannot believe it is based off reality. It actually makes me ill thinking about it.

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