Review: You Fit the Pattern by Jane Haseldine


Release date: March 26, 2019

Publisher: Kensington

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Crime writer Julia Gooden has just completed the most important story of her life—a book about her beloved brother’s childhood abduction and how she found his killer after thirty years. But that hasn’t taken her focus off her day job—especially with what looks to be a serial killer terrorizing the city. Female runners are being snatched off jogging trails, then slaughtered in abandoned churches. 

As Julia begins investigating, with help from Detective Raymond Navarro, she realizes just how personal this case has become. The murders, planned and executed with uncanny precision, are of women who share traits with Julia. Now he’s contacting her directly, insisting things will get much worse unless Julia makes him famous through her writing. 

But no matter how skillfully she plays along, her opponent’s ultimate goal is clear. And only by unraveling the threads that link a killer’s twisted mind to her own dark past can Julia prevent herself from becoming his final victim . . . 


This is the fourth book in a series following crime reporter Julia Gooden but I jumped into this series at book three and had no problem catching on. I think you could read any of these as standalones as each book focuses on a new case and also fills in enough background information that it’s easy to follow along.

Julia is such a fun lead character, she’s smart, feisty and fearless which makes for some seriously interesting and entertaining scenarios. There was a personal angle for Julia with this case which is one of my favorite approaches, I love simultaneously learning something new about the character while exploring a new, creepy case. The case here was super creepy, think voodoo, black magic and rituals and I was caught up in the intricacies and details the author provided all the while being super engaged throughout.

I feel like both of the books I’ve read in this series have been like classic whodunnits, they’re well thought out and always keep me on my toes and manage to surprise me in the end. Combine a good old fashioned murder mystery with a compelling protagonist and I’m happy. I’m quickly learning that Haseldine delivers on all counts and is an author I’ll continue to follow.

You Fit the Pattern in three words: Sneaky, Sinister and Solid.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the author for my review copy.

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