Review: The Truth Hurts by Rebecca Reid


Release date: July 28, 2020

Publisher: Harper Perennial

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Is her new husband hiding something? 

Caught up in a whirlwind romance that starts in sunny Ibiza and leads to the cool corridors of a luxurious English country estate, Poppy barely has time to catch her breath, let alone seriously question if all this is too good to be true. Drew is enamored, devoted, and, okay, a little mysterious—but that’s part of the thrill. What’s the harm in letting his past remain private? 

Maybe he’s not the only one… 

Fortunately, Drew never seems to wonder why his young wife has so readily agreed to their unusual pact to live only in the here and now and not probe their personal histories. Perhaps he assumes, as others do, that she is simply swept up in the intoxication of infatuation and sudden wealth. What’s the harm in letting them believe that? 

How far will they go to keep the past buried? 

Isolated in Drew’s sprawling mansion, Poppy starts to have time to doubt the man she’s married, to wonder what in his past might be so terrible that it can’t be spoken of, to imagine what harm he might be capable of. She doesn’t want this dream to shatter. But Poppy may soon be forced to confront the dark truth that there are sins far more dangerous than the sin of omission… 


Imagine you make a deal with your future spouse that you guys don’t discuss your past at all. No past relationships, no childhood stories, very little is revealed about your family history, basically you’re starting fresh. Nothing sounds shady about that, right? 😏 This is the pact Drew and Poppy make after their whirlwind romance and right before their marriage and if that seems slightly ridiculous it’s because it is. But sometimes I like ridiculous and over the top and I flew through this wicked story about the past coming back to haunt you.

Of course you know there will be several secrets, I mean come on, why would you want to limit past talk unless you’re hiding something, but while I clearly knew that skeletons would be coming out of the closet, I did enjoy the way things all played out. For the majority of the book it almost felt like a contemporary romance with a dash of darkness and then by the time I got to the end things took a sharp turn to the super dark and twisted. So basically, the end saved it for me and I’m the type of reader that has everything riding on a strong ending. This was oddly fast and entertaining for me, I would hesitate to recommend this as a true thriller as I think it’s more of a light popcorn style thriller at best. Kinda perfect for summer though and can imagine it would be fun to read poolside.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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