Review: A Million Reasons Why by Jessica Strawser


Release date: March 23, 2021

Publisher: St. Martin’s

Genre: Contemporary Fiction


When two strangers are linked by a mail-in DNA test, it’s an answered prayer―that is, for one half-sister. For the other, it will dismantle everything she knows to be true.

But as they step into the unfamiliar realm of sisterhood, the roles will reverse in ways no one could have foreseen.

Caroline lives a full, happy life―thriving career, three feisty children, enviable marriage, and a close-knit extended family. She couldn’t have scripted it better. Except for one thing:

She’s about to discover her fundamental beliefs about them all are wrong.

Sela lives a life in shades of gray, suffering from irreversible kidney failure. Her marriage crumbled in the wake of her illness. Her beloved mother and lifelong best friend passed away. She refuses to be defined by her grief, but still, she worries about what will happen to her two-year-old son if she doesn’t find a donor match in time.

She’s the only one who knows Caroline is her half-sister. That Caroline may be her best hope for a future. But Sela’s world isn’t as clear-cut as it appears―and one misstep could destroy it all.

After all, would you risk everything to save the life of the person who turned yours upside down?

From the moment Caroline meets Sela, both must reexamine what it really means to be family, the depths of a mother’s love, and the limits and the power of forgiveness.


I’ve become such a fan of this author, she really has the kind of writing style that I enjoy and she creates these characters that are relatable and believable and this was no exception. I feel like DNA testing has been a hot topic in quite a few books lately, so I was slightly hesitant if she could bring something new to the table and I feel like she did. It was remarkably thought provoking and made me wonder what I would do if I was in either Caroline or Sela’s shoes.

This one was very twisty for a book that isn’t even remotely a thriller which gave the whole thing a suspenseful feel. Not that it was fast paced and tense necessarily, just that so many secrets kept coming out that you really didn’t know what would happen next. A family drama would be my best way of explaining what it was for me, with an emphasis on drama, it veered slightly into Lifetime movie territory but I actually love that vibe. Ultimately I loved the exploration of the usual family dynamics and found it to be an engrossing read.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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