Audiobook Review: Then She Vanishes by Claire Douglas


Release date: August 3, 2021

Publisher: Harper Audio

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Everything changed the night she disappeared . . .

On a summer’s night in 1994, sixteen-year-old Flora Powell vanished from her sleepy seaside town without a trace. Their hearts shattered, Flora’s mother, her sister Heather, and Heather’s best friend Jess had to somehow carry on not knowing what happened.

Twenty-five years later, tragedy strikes again when Heather walks into a stranger’s house and allegedly kills two people in cold blood.

Why would this loving wife and doting new mother commit such a heinous crime? Jess, now a reporter, returns to the hometown she left behind to cover the case and dig for answers. But this isn’t like any other story. Jess was like a sister to the Powell girls, until the summer that tore them all apart.

What happened to the girl she used to know? 

The question haunts Jess and propels her to find the key that may unlock the mysteries involving both sisters. But the search may reveal more . . . a darker side to this idyllic place she thought she knew.


Ok this was a super solid thriller you guys! I love when a book has an old, cold case that somehow merges with something newer and then it opens when a woman walks into a couples home and kills them. I’m hooked!! Throw in Jess who returns to her hometown as a reporter working on the story and you have one hell of a gripping story. You get several viewpoints as this flips between the present with Jess, Margot and Heather and then the past before Flora disappeared and I am always drawn to multiple POV. So the audio version has four narrators and all of them were fantastic. I love a British accent too so that didn’t hurt either and just made this one even more engaging for me. There were also lots of twists and turns and while I did predict a few things, I was also surprised by a few as well. Overall I really enjoyed this one and will definitely be seeking out more books by the author.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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