Audiobook Review: Catch Us When We Fall by Juliette Fay


Release date: September 21, 2021

Publisher: William Morrow

Genre: Contemporary Fiction


On her own since the age of eighteen, Cass Macklin dated brilliant, troubled Ben McGreavy, convinced he was the smartest person she’d ever known. They partied their way through their twenties, slowly descending into a bleak world of binge-drinking and broken promises, inebriated for most of a decade. Now Ben is dead, and Cass is broke, homeless, scared…and pregnant.

Determined to have a healthy pregnancy and raise Ben’s baby, Cass has to find a way to stop drinking and build a stable life for herself and her child. But with no money, skills, or sober friends or family, the task seems insurmountable. At wit’s end, Cass turns to the only person with the means to help her: Ben’s brother Scott, third basemen for the Boston Red Sox, a man with a temper and problems of his own.

The two make a deal that neither one of them is sure they can live up to. As Cass struggles to take control of her life and to ask for help when she needs it, Scott begins to realize there’s a life for him beyond the baseball diamond.

By turns heartbreaking and humorous, with its message that change is not impossible, that forgiveness can be freely given, and that life, though imperfect, is worth embracing, Catch Us When We Fall is a novel you will never forget.


Wow this was one powerful read. I knew from the description that it would be heavy but I didn’t realize just how emotionally charged it would be. Right from the start you’re thrust into the lives of Cass and Scott on one of the worst days of their lives as they’re burying Scott’s brother and Cass boyfriend, Ben. So it gets you right in the feels immediately and it truly never lets up once. It’s very character driven and the author crafted these people who seem so real, especially in their struggles. Cass is truly a wreck, a broken soul and seeing her journey was heartbreaking but ultimately inspiring. Her strength comes through over and over as she battles her addiction and comes into her own and it was a beautiful story. She was the kind of character that you develop and attachment to and I was sad to finish this one up. I do want to add that I had planned on switching between the print and audio but the audio was so well done and compelling that I listened to the majority of this so if you like audio this is the way to go. Recommended for fans of emotional, character driven books with strong writing!

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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