Review: In Another Light by A. J. Banner

Release date: October 5, 2021

Publisher: Lake Union

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Three years ago mortuary cosmetologist Phoebe Glassman lost her husband in a tragic accident. No longer the hopeful wife and mother she once was, Phoebe is disappearing into her grief and into the quietude of her job—restoring to the dead the illusion of life. Then the body of a woman named Pauline Steele arrives in the mortuary, and for Phoebe, everything changes.

Pauline is unmistakably Phoebe’s mirror image and bears an alarmingly familiar tattoo. Even more startling is that among Pauline’s effects is a faded photograph of Phoebe. Aided by an eccentric colleague, her curiosity sparked, Phoebe investigates her doppelgänger’s life and death—and uncovers surprising clues to a shared past.

Phoebe’s emotional journey soon leads to shocking revelations about those closest to her…and even herself. When she’s driven to the brink, how much of what she discovers can she trust?


I really liked the premise of this one, the idea that everyone has a doppelgänger is so interesting and I haven’t read many books about the subject, so I was hooked right away. As usual with the author this was a binge worthy read, I never want to put her books down once I start them and always finish them in just a few sittings and this was no exception. She does such a great job at conveying a sense of dread and paranoia in her books and Phoebe had so many reasons to be suspicious and paranoid which just heightened the intensity. She also always manages to throw these curveballs at the reader in a sly way where I tend to wonder if I had been paying closer attention maybe I would’ve figured it out but she’s just so damn good at NOT saying things that make you assume something and then when other things are revealed you’re like, Oohh you sneaky thing you got me! I know that probably doesn’t make sense but iykyk, just know she has this quiet, subtle style that sneaks up on you. A definite page turner written in such a compelling way!

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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