Review: Summer at the Cape by RaeAnne Thayne


Release date: April 12, 2022

Publisher: HQN

Genre: Contemporary Romance


As the older sibling to identical twins Violet and Lily, Cami Porter was always the odd sister out. The divide grew even wider when their parents split up—while the twins stayed in Cape Sanctuary with their free-spirited mother, Rosemary, fourteen-year-old Cami moved to LA with her attorney father. Nearly twenty years later, when Cami gets the terrible news that Lily has drowned saving a child’s life, her mother begs her to return home to help untangle the complicated estate issues her sister left behind.

Navigating their own strained relationship, Cami readjusts to the family and community she hasn’t known for decades, including the neighbor who stands in the way of her late sister’s dream, while Violet grieves the loss of her twin and struggles to figure out who she is now, without her other half, as the little girl Lily saved pulls her back into the orbit of the man she once loved.


Ahh it was so nice to be back in Cape Sanctuary, some of these small town romance settings are so idyllic and I think this author may create my favorite of them all. The best part of this series is that it’s not even really a series, the books are all totally standalones because the only common factor is the town. There are a couple of fun little Easter eggs though if you have read any of the previous books but it’s definitely not necessary.

This author always writes the sweetest and most tender romance and this was no exception, but there was some darkness here as well. Cami and her family are grieving the tragic loss of her sister and that plays a big role in the story here. While it definitely has some sad and emotional scenes it’s not an overall heavy book, there is so much hope throughout and plenty of lighthearted fun as well. Per usual there is romance for sure but also relationships between family and a great and strong sense of community that makes me long for a Cape Sanctuary of my own. Loved this delightful read and recommend it when you just want to escape in a sweet little book.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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