Review: Run Time by Catherine Ryan Howard


Release date: August 16, 2022

Publisher: Blackstone

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Movie-making can be murder.

The project
Final Draft, a psychological horror. Promising Young Thing Steve Dade will direct.

The tagline
‘Based on a terrifying true story. That hasn’t happened – yet.’

The location
A cottage deep in a forest, miles from anywhere in the wintry wilds of West Cork.

The lead
Former soap-star Adele Rafferty has stepped in to replace the original actress at the very last minute. She can’t help but hope that this will be her big break.

The problem
Something isn’t quite right on the set of Final Draft.
Adele is about to discover that the real horror lies off the page…


I am a huge fan of the author and I always appreciate that she comes up with exciting premises with each book and this being set during the making of a movie was super interesting for me. There was so much about this one that I loved. It had a creepy, isolated atmosphere that added to the tension of the story in such a bold and dramatic way. The format was also great, think book inception with a movie being filmed with a book as a major plot point and also excerpts from the script as well. Definitely a lot going on but I wasn’t put off or confused by it, in fact I really enjoyed the parallels between the script and what was happening with Adele. I was super into this one until the very end, I thought it was underwhelming and slightly mediocre BUT I will still say I recommend it. I think I have super high expectations for the author and just expected to be blown away, but overall this was still an intense and entertaining read.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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