Audiobook Review: Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner


Release date: October 11, 2022

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Genre: Contemporary Romance


When Cassie Klein goes to an off-campus bar to escape her school’s Family Weekend, she isn’t looking for a hookup—it just happens. Buying a drink for a stranger turns into what should be an uncomplicated, amazing one-night stand. But then the next morning rolls around and her friend drags her along to meet her mom—the hot, older woman Cassie slept with.

Erin Bennett came to Family Weekend to get closer to her daughter, not have a one-night stand with a college senior. In her defense, she hadn’t known Cassie was a student when they’d met. To make things worse, Erin’s daughter brings Cassie to breakfast the next morning. And despite Erin’s better judgement—how could sleeping with your daughter’s friend be anything but bad?—she and Cassie get along in the day just as well as they did last night.

What should have been a one-time fling quickly proves impossible to ignore, and soon Cassie and Erin are sneaking around. Worst of all, they start to realize they have something real. But is being honest about the love between them worth the cost?


I really liked the premise here, poor Cassie has a sexy hookup with a woman she meets in a bar and the woman in question happens to be her best friends mom. Poor Erin too because she also has no idea Cassie is Parker’s friend either. So this definitely leads to an awkward situation for the both of them but I was so into their age gap romance! You don’t often see an older woman in an age gap romance (in traditionally published books) and you really don’t see it a same sex relationship so I was definitely here for it. The forbidden factor added some intensity to this super sexy story, this has plenty of heat and Cassie and Erin’s chemistry was so hot. The supporting characters added a lot to the story and their friendships felt genuine, I really enjoyed when they were all together. High heat factor aside this still had some tenderness and swoony moments too, overall a super enjoyable romance that cemented my status as a firm fan of the author!

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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