Review: You Shouldn’t Have Come Here by Jeneva Rose


Release date: April 25, 2023

Publisher: Blackstone

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Grace Evans, an overworked New Yorker looking for a total escape from her busy life, books an Airbnb on a ranch in the middle of Wyoming. When she arrives, she’s pleasantly surprised to find that the owner is a handsome man by the name of Calvin Wells. But there are things Grace discovers that she’s not too pleased about: A lack of cell phone service. A missing woman. And a feeling that something isn’t right with the town.

Despite her uneasiness and misgivings from Calvin’s friends and family, the two grow close and start to fall for one another. However, as her departure date nears, things between them start to change for the worse. Grace grows wary of Calvin as his infatuation for her seems to turn into obsession. Calvin fears that Grace is hiding something from him.

Told from dual points of view, You Shouldn’t Have Come Here is a thrill ride and a cautionary tale of what can go wrong when you open up your house and your heart to a total stranger.


Have you ever spent the majority of a book wondering when something of interest is going to happen? That was my experience here, but for some odd reason I kept reading it, so there’s something to be said for the author ability to keep my attention despite a boring plot. This might’ve been the slowest burn I’ve ever read and that’s really saying something. There was no excitement or real action until like 85 or 90 percent and I’m sorry, I just don’t have that kind of patience anymore. The last little bit was bat shit and the twist was really good but taking that long to get there was ultimately frustrating. If you don’t mind the slowest of slow burns this may work better for you but it wasn’t for me.

Overall rating: 3/5 (really a 2.5 but I always round up anyway so 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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