Review: The Marriage Act by John Marrs


Release date: May 2, 2023

Publisher: Hanover Square Press

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


What if marriage was the law? Dare you disobey?

Britain. The near-future. A right-wing government believes it has the answer to society’s ills — the Sanctity of Marriage Act, which actively encourages marriage as the norm, punishing those who choose to remain single.

But four couples are about to discover just how impossible relationships can be when the government is monitoring every aspect of our personal lives — monitoring every word, every minor disagreement — and will use every tool in its arsenal to ensure everyone will love, honor and obey.


I was so interested in the concept here, it was so original and terrifyingly believable that I felt like it had to be a fascinating read. While parts of it were interesting and the overall idea was solid, unfortunately the story as a whole didn’t really work for me. There was a lot going on here with several viewpoints from different couples who are impacted by The Marriage Act in some way and instead of things flowing smoothly it all felt kind of choppy for me. The style also just felt really dry and bland as well and things dragged for me at different points, so it was also too long for me. It seems like I’m an outlier here so if you enjoy this author or this one just sounds intriguing to you give it a try, it just wasn’t the book for me.

Overall rating: 3/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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