Reader confessions tag

I was tagged by the amazing Kei @ Lovelypagesreviews! If you’re not already following her then please check her out! 

  1. Have you ever damaged a book? 😱😱😱 Gasp! I would never. But I may have damaged one as a kid? Awful 😂
  2. Have you ever damaged a borrowed book? Again 😱! If someone is kind enough to let me borrow a book I do my very best to treat it as well as I do my kids. Especially by keeping it very far away from said kids. 😂😳
  3. How long does it take you to read a book? Back when I was single and didn’t have children, I would devour books in a matter of a few short hours. Now it takes me a bit longer but I still read really fast. I just have to make an effort to find the time to read. Many nights I’m up until 1 or 2 reading! 
  4. Books that you haven’t finished? I always finish books. It’s a thing I have. I always think that maybe if I just keep reading it will get better or that I may like it more.
  5. Hyped popular books that you don’t like? My Name is Lucy Barton and 50 Shades of Grey. This doesn’t happen to me often as I’m quite good at picking books I’m confident that I’ll like. 
  6. Is there a book you wouldn’t tell anyone you were reading? Maybe 50 Shades. Wouldn’t tell my grandma about that one 😂
  7. How many books do you own? At least a few hundred. 😳 and constantly growing!
  8. Are you a fast reader or a slow reader? Fast. My husband and kids are always amazed by how fast.
  9. Do you like to buddy read? Never done it before!
  10. Do you read better in your head or out loud? Definitely in my head. I only read out loud to my kids.
  11. If you were only allowed to own one book what one and why? Hahahahahahha. No. 

Fun! Here are the people I tag! (No worries if you’ve already done this or just don’t want too)


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