A few weeks ago I heard about the Litsy app from Bookishdaayla. This was the first I had heard of this app, but after reading her post and discovering it was being called a book lovers dream, and a cross between Instagram and Goodreads, I knew I had to check it out. (If you’re not already connected with me, please come add/follow me!)

This app is in its infancy, but it has loads of potential! Every single thing you post has to be related to a book. Wanna post a picture of something book related? You have to link it to a book. 

When I posted this picture, I just linked to the book I was reading. They call this a blurb, and you can say whatever you want and add a picture or not. 

You can see at the bottom of this picture that you can like and comment, just like on Instagram. There’s a unique option here that you can add to your stack. Once you add to your stack, it gives the option of adding it to categories, similar to Goodreads, TBR, have read, or currently reading. 

You can also leave reviews. This is the only part that I don’t love so much. Reviews have to be under 300 characters. I’m so wordy, that’s really hard for me! I usually just decide if it’s a pick, so-so, pan or bail (their rating system) and write a couple of sentences. Then I say full review can be found on my blog. 

They have what’s called your Litfluence score as well. Everyone starts with 42 points if I recall correctly. Then as you post stuff, it gets higher. But only based on followers and if people add books that you’ve posted to their stack. 

There were also a couple of not yet released books that I couldn’t find in their catalog but I emailed them and they were super helpful about adding them.

Overall, I think this app is great and a readers dream! It’s another place to connect with the book community and as I said earlier, I think it has great potential. I believe for right now it’s only available in the iTunes Store, but I would imagine it will be available across all platforms soon enough. 

If you decide to check it out come follow me so I can follow you back, username is Novelgossip. 

8 thoughts on “Litsy

  1. Bookish Daayla says:

    Thanks for the mention 🙂 I’m sorry to say that after my initial raving of this app, I’ve kind of ignored it of late but I’m going to give it another go! I know that I will use it more if/when it comes to Android because I use my tablet much more than my phone. Glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

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