Book Blogger Blind Date

This event is hosted by the awesome Jill at Rantandraveaboutbooks. When I saw her original post about this event, I thought it was brilliant! It’s a fun way to get to know another book blogger instead of the usual tags you see.

I was set up with Kate from Bibliophilebookclub, who is sweet and funny and a perfect blind date.Shes from Ireland which fascinates me as it looks like such a gorgeous place to visit! We both read a lot of Mystery/Thrillers and crime fiction so it was a match made in heaven. 

We decided to each come up with five questions, but we both answered all ten. We thought it would be interesting to see how similarly/differently we answers them. 

Amy’s Questions and her answers 

1. When you walk into a bookstore/library what section do you head for first? Or do you head for a particular author instead of a genre? Second place you browse? Generally I head for the mystery/thriller section right off the bat. I love to browse in both libraries and bookstores though, so I hit up almost every section that interests me. Usually that means women’s fiction/chick lit, YA, contemporary fiction and sometimes romance. 
2. Have you ever been to any author events? Book signings etc? Sadly, I have not! I would love to but as I live in a fairly smallish town there’s not much going on here. We only have one small bookstore and I’ve never seen any events there. I would love to one day though.

3. You’re picking up a book as a gift for a friend, what book do you choose? Why? Depends on the friend I suppose. My best friend is my sister and we both like and read the same types of books. So I could give her anything that I liked. If it was for a friend that I wasn’t sure about their reading tastes I would probably chose something from Sophie Kinsella. Her books are just so fun and funny! I feel like anyone would enjoy them. If it was someone who I knew didn’t mind gruesome mysteries I would pick up a Karin Slaughter. I love her Will Trent series so much! 
4. Do you take actual notes while reading? Or write in your books/highlight passages? I do take notes. Especially for review purposes. I like to try and guess whodunnit while reading and then it’s fun to go back and see how close or how far off I was. It helps when I sit down to write my review to see exactly how I was feeling while I was reading. I would never write in my books. Just no.
5. Genre you stay away from? Why? I’m not big on science fiction or erotica. Just not my thing. Other than those two I’ll read almost anything I can get my hands on.

Kate’s Questions and Amy’s answers 

6. What made you start blogging? Was there a particular reason?

Well, I’ve always liked to write, almost as much as I read. I also wanted an organized place for all my reviews because Goodreads just wasn’t cutting it. I read so much that sometimes I’ll remember that I liked a book but I can’t remember details, so having somewhere to keep all my past thoughts was appealing. I toyed with the idea for a bit and my husband encouraged me to just do it. I’m so glad I did, the online book community is amazing! 

7. What is the one book you will recommend every time someone asks you what to read?

Lately I would say The Passenger by Lisa Lutz. I read it a few months ago and it’s still stuck with me. It’s got everything I love in a novel, mystery, intrigue, suspense. That changes often though as I read so frequently.

8. Have you a favourite genre? What is it and why? Mystery/Thriller. I read a lot of genres (Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, YA, etc) but I pick mysteries most often.

9. How do you shelve your books? Alphabetical/ Genre/ Colour/ Whatever way the stack?!

Well…right now they’re mostly in storage as we’re in a temporary rental with not much room. When we eventually move and get settled they’ll be by color I think.

10. All time favorite book/author? Explain…

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. It’s the type of book that I feel like I could recommend to literally anyone regardless of age. It opens up a whole new world of magic and wonder for readers. 

Kate’s questions and her answers 

What made you start blogging? Was there a particular reason?

For myself really. I had just had my daughter and I needed something to keep my mind occupied when she was sleeping, especially in the early days. Also, I’m pretty sure I was boring my family and friends with my constant ranting and raving about books so I figured why not concentrate my efforts into putting it all in one place and thus, Bibliophile Book Club was born.

What is the one book you will recommend every time someone asks you what to read?

Into The Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes. Every time. It is just a stunning example of a psychological thriller in every sense. The fact that it can happen makes it even more frightening.

Have you a favourite genre? What is it and why?
I love crime, in all shapes and forms.Thrillers, mysteries, psychological suspense, I enjoy them all. To be fair though I have a big grá (Irish for Love) for Scandinavian crime fiction especially. The cold climate makes it all the more chilling… Pardon the pun!!! 

How do you shelve your books? Alphabetical/ Genre/ Colour/ Whatever way the stack?!

Oh Lord. Wherever the fit! At the moment, although organised, my shelves are fit to burst. I try to go by genre though. I mainly have crime though so its easy to keep it all together. I have some sci-fi, YA and the odd feel-good book too, so they are all grouped together. I’m short on space as my youngest has her toys on some of the lower shelves too so I’m sure I’ll have more room when she outgrows whatever is there at the moment!! Here is the most recent pic of my TBR shelves, but more have been added since I took this photo!!!
All time favorite book/author? Explain…
The Harry Potter series will always have a special place in my heart if I’m honest. It reminds me of my younger years. At the moment though, I’m massively loving Ragnar Jónasson’s Dark Iceland series, they are just wonderful! I’ve had the absolute privelege of having a quote used in his book, so it’s hard not to love them!! 

This was so much fun, thanks again to Jill for coming up with this fantastic idea and to Kate for being my date. ❤️I would love to do this again. Please check out both of their blogs if you haven’t. They’re both lovely. 

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