Review: Watching Edie by Camilla Way

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Release date: July 28, 2016 in the UK and August 2 in the US.

Publisher: Harper Collins UK

Genre: Mystery/Psychological Thriller

Goodreads blurb:

Beautiful, creative, a little wild… Edie was the kind of girl who immediately caused a stir when she walked into your life. And she had dreams back then—but it didn’t take long for her to learn that things don’t always turn out the way you want them to.

Now, at thirty-three, Edie is working as a waitress, pregnant and alone. And when she becomes overwhelmed by the needs of her new baby and sinks into a bleak despair, she thinks that there’s no one to turn to…

But someone’s been watching Edie, waiting for the chance to prove once again what a perfect friend she can be. It’s no coincidence that Heather shows up on Edie’s doorstep, just when Edie needs her the most. So much has passed between them—so much envy, longing, and betrayal. And Edie’s about to learn a new lesson: those who have hurt us deeply—or who we have hurt—never let us go, not entirely… 


This book is told alternately from Before and After a mysterious incident, with Edie narrating the After and Heather narrating the Before. As the unreliable narrator has been abundant in many psychological thrillers as of late, it only added to my distrust and wariness of both women, which I enjoyed. I love not knowing who to trust and trying to decode and decipher every word that comes out of a characters mouth. It adds an additional layer of suspense to an already suspenseful narrative.

Edie and Heather have a very bizarre friendship. Edie was a happy, pretty and outgoing teenager, while Heather was awkward, unpopular and odd. Despite their differences the unlikely pair become close friends. But what happened Before to tear them apart? And what does that have to do with their adult lives now?

There is quite a bit of buildup to what happened Before, then you jump to After where things are getting creepy and unsettling for Edie. You see, Edie has her baby all alone and she has no one to help her in her time of need. She’s lonely, isolated and in desperate need of a friend. Suddenly, Heather shows up just when she needs her the most and she swoops in to save the day. She helps out so much that it’s almost as if she’s taking over Edie’s life. Strange things begin to happen to Edie, things that are making her paranoid and frightened. Is it just a coincidence that this started while Heather arrived? Or are old, long buried secrets to blame? 

Once the details of Before are revealed, things start to fall in place. I was disgusted, angry and disappointed, yet it all made perfect sense. I would have liked a bit more closure in the end, but that is just me being greedy and always wanting a tidy ending with an epilogue, thank you very much. 

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to Harper Collins UK for my copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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