Top 5 Wednesday 

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly post that is hosted by Sam from Thoughts On Tomes and there is also a Goodreads group where you can find more information.

This weeks topic is Books You Will Never Read. It can be a book series that you’ve outgrown or maybe just a popular book that you have no interest in.

I think this is a pretty unpopular choice, but I’m pretty confident in this pick. I see this everywhere, especially on social media. This series is so hyped up and I’m so sick of hearing about it and seeing it everywhere that I just refuse to read it. I’m sure it’s a great book, but the fact that I’m sick of it before I’ve even read one word means I should just stay away.

Yes, I bought into the hype surrounding this one and I’m ashamed to admit I read it! I do not have any desire to continue on reading more about Ana and Christian though. It’s so bad. For some people I guess it’s so bad that it’s good?

Anything by John Green. I’m just over him and his books. There is so much fantastic YA stuff out there that I would rather spend my precious reading time with a different author.

Anything by Janet Evanovich. I had high hopes for Curious Minds as Evanovich is an author who I’ve been hearing about for years. It was a huge disappointment for me so I’ll be steering clear of her from now on.

I’ve had this sitting on my bookshelf for years and I’ve tried to start it before and I just can’t. I think it’s time to face the facts that I most likely will never read it.

What books will you never read?

28 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday 

  1. Niraja @ Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them says:

    I’m one of those A Court of Thorns and Roses/A Court of Mist and Fury super fans, but I definitely see where you’re coming from. As for John Green, I honestly think he’s very, very over-hyped. A Fault in Our Stars was good, but I’ve read better. Looking for Alaska had a great concept, yet it wasn’t executed in the best way. Paper Towns was a waste of time for me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I won’t be reading any of his other books any time soon. They’re just not for me (but I like the movies, though!). xx

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  2. Whimsically Meghan says:

    I agree with you, you don’t need to read John Green. I think you can read one of his novels and then you know what all of them are about. It’s rather useless to read them all when they all have the same base point.
    Haha, I have to admit I have read Fifty Shades (yes all three & yes they progressively got worse), but I just had to figure out why everyone was so ooh ahh about the whole thing, I still don’t really understand it.

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