All Hallows’ Read Challenge #allhallowsread @ReadsFestive 

Challenge is over congrats to Jill from Rant and Rave About Books, Megan at Bookslayer Reads and Laney. Thanks so much for playing. 

If you missed my post explaining things yesterday you can find it here

My challenge is Halloween Bookish Bingo! I’ll post a Bingo card at the end of this and then you can get busy. Here’s how it’ll work:

For each square you’ll need to take a picture as proof and post it on social media using the hashtag #allhallowsreadNG so I can track it. It can be on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, whatever you prefer. You don’t have to post it on more than one platform but you can if you want to. You can also tag me if you want, I’ll definitely see it easier. I’m on Twitter @novelgossip1, Facebook, and Instagram.  

Think of it like a mini fast paced bookstagram challenge. But don’t spend too much time taking pictures, time is of the essence here! If you already have a picture that fits one of the squares, lucky you. All pictures must be your own no using Google. The first three people to get a bingo will win a prize! Just in case you’ve never played bingo before, you have to fill your card either vertically, horizontally or diagonally to claim Bingo. And I have so many books laying around that I may give away random prizes as well, you never know…

When you get bingo email me at Make sure you do this immediately as this is how I’ll determine who got done first. It will clearly take me some time to go back and double check your entries so please be patient. I do have to take my kids Trick or Treating tonight! The contest will start now and end as soon as three people get bingo. If for some reason no one finishes today, I’ll close it November 1 at 9 am my time. (I’m in Arizona on MST) Winners will be announced here by Tuesday evening as well as on my social media.


Prize One: Print copy of Zaria Fierce book one + signed David Estes Bookmark + Sonora Series Sticker

Prize Two: Alice in Wonderland book tabs + signed David Estes bookmark

Prize Three: Ten Dollar Amazon gift card and a surprise book. 

The first winner will get to choose which prize they want, second goes next, etc. 

Giveaway winners must be 18 years old or older OR have their parents permission. You must also be willing to share your address with me and the original Tour hosts. Giveaway is international!! 

You can’t use the same book for more than one square. Some squares need to be a specific type of book, but if I don’t mention that in my explanation you can use any book.

Now onto the good stuff! Here’s the card and I’ll post an explanation for each square afterwards. Please contact me with any questions. You can comment on this post as well, and if you want to link your progress here that’s fine too. Have fun and be creative! 

Horror: Horror book

Costume: Picture of yourself, kid, pet etc in a costume 

Missing person: Book about a missing person

Skeleton: Pic of a skeleton decoration

Drink: Beverage and book

Monsters: Book with monsters or monster decorations 

Current read: Self explanatory

Serial killer: Book featuring a killer

Leaves: Book and leaves 

Book ombré: Halloween inspired book ombré 

Ghost: White book

Paranormal: Book with paranormal/supernatural elements 

Creepy cover: self explanatory 

Candy: Book and candy

Fall Goodies: favorite fall themed Bookish  stuff or favorite recent  Bookish purchase 

Pumpkin: Book and pumpkin 

Halloween Shellie: Halloween themed Shelfie or stack 

Favorite read: From October 

Candle: Book and candle

Trick or Treat: A book that surprised you either in a good or bad way

Thriller: Mystery/Thriller book

Black cover: self explanatory 

Orange cover: self explanatory 

Vampire: Book featuring vampires

26 thoughts on “All Hallows’ Read Challenge #allhallowsread @ReadsFestive 

  1. Anne says:

    Hot damn, seems like this has all taken place while I was asleep! Why can’t we all just have the same timezone like they’ve done in China? :’) (madness I tell ya). It certainly looked very original and like lots of interactive fun!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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