Saturday Shoutout: Q & A with Amanda Laneley @amandalaneley

Hey everyone! I’m pleased to bring you an interview with author Amanda Laneley today. Amanda recently release a romance novel called What I Love About Dublin


Let’s suppose you are a heartbroken woman trying to get over the pain of a failed relationship. You’ve always wanted to see the world. What do you do? Perhaps you would do what Sarah does: travel alone to Dublin and leave your worries behind. She wants to start from scratch, to forget about it all; to enjoy the lush green countryside, the Celtic music, the famous pubs. However, her life turns upside down when she finds herself living under the same roof as Daniel, a handsome yet stubborn Irishman.

Both Daniel and Sarah have their reasons for not falling in love, but love has other plans.

Things become more complicated because love affairs are prohibited between housemates. This is an unbreakable rule that also applies to the three other residents: a shameless womanizer, an absent-minded musician and a new female best friend, intrusive and meddling. It’s a fun and exciting intercultural household for Sarah to adapt to! And as if that wasn’t enough, she also has to deal with Daniel’s heated misunderstandings, with an insistent ex-boyfriend and some compromising situations with a very sexy Frenchman.

This is a new life in Dublin and there is certainly a lot to love!

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Q & A

1. What’s a typical writing day for you look like? Describe your perfect writing environment.

I usually write during mornings. I turn off mobiles, internet and everything. I go to my office and I sit down on the most comfortable couch you could imagine next to a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Silence and solitude are my best friends at that moment.

2. How did you get started writing? Was it something that you’ve always loved?

I always loved reading and I used to write when I was a child, but then I stopped. Almost 20 years later I started to write again, because I dreamt a wonderful and romantic story that I liked so much I wanted to share it with the world. At that time, I didn’t know I was going to publish it, so now I’m thrilled!

3. Who are your favorite writers/inspirations?

Romantic movies of Meg Ryan are great inspiration. I loved them because they are sweet, funny and charming. I also adore Jane Austen with “Pride and Prejudice” and Jane Webster with “Daddy long-legs”. I’m absolutely dazzled by their writing. Besides I listen music, I try to choose one song per scene.
4. Anything you can tell us about upcoming projects?

I’m working in a romantic comedy. This is the preview:
Lucy is a brilliant engineer who is in love with Gabriel, a handsome personal trainer. She lacks confidence because she is a little chubby and considers herself a nerd.
Max is a personal trainer who works with Gabriel. He dreams about having his own business. He´s funny and attractive, but not very skilled as an entrepreneur.
The deal is simple: Lucy will advise Max with his business and, in exchange, he will help her win Gabriel’s love. But what happens when the deal becomes friendship and friendship becomes love?

5. Normally how do you develop plots/characters? Brief us on your process.

Once I tried to create a separate file containing the information of each character, but it was a disaster. Now I just write and I discover them while the story goes forward.
6. Favorite character from one of your own novels?

Sara the protagonist of “What I love about Dublin”. She’s a passionate woman who dreams about travelling the world. She is brave and follows her heart, but she is far from perfect. She makes mistakes but tries to improve.

7. Preferred method for readers to contact you?

I love Twitter and I check my account every time I can, so if you send me a message I’ll try to respond as soon as possible. My account is @amandalaneley

8. On average, how long does it take you to write a book?

At the moment, one or two years. I’m crossing my fingers to reduce that amount of time, because I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to write them all!

9. If writing wasn’t your career what would you be doing?

I’m hypnotic therapist and a meditation instructor. (I know, not very common). I also love languages and I worked as a teacher of Spanish.

10.. What’s the best compliment that you’ve received about your work?
Kathryn Simmil, writer and blogger, told me my book was “brilliant”. I was so happy when I read her review I almost cried! I also enjoy when my readers recommend “What I love about Dublin” in Twitter or Facebook. It always makes my day a better one!

Thanks so much to Amanda for spending some time with me today. 

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