Review: Miss Wrong and Mr. Right by Robert Bryndza @RobertBryndza @bookouture

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Release date: December 8, 2016

Publisher: Bookouture 

Genre: Chick Lit


‘This is men,’ said Gran. ‘When they vant you, but you don’t vant them, they stay. But let them know you vant them, they no longer need you, and they go! It’s like that movie, Nanny McPhee.’

Natalie Love has worked hard to have it all. She runs a successful London theatre that’s about to host one of Hollywood’s leading stars, Ryan Harrison. She’s pretty sure she’s found her man in yoga boyfriend Benjamin, despite his annoying habit of saying Namaste! every time he speaks. And her eccentric, glamorous Hungarian Gran is always on hand to offer sage advice and steaming bowls of goulash. 

Life in the bright lights of London has always been Natalie’s escape from her chaotic country family in rural Devon and Jamie, the childhood sweetheart she left at the altar fifteen years ago. Until he turns up at her theatre door…

Jamie is in town producing a West End show and with rivalry suddenly clouding old feelings, this isn’t quite the reunion Natalie was expecting. 

Will Benjamin prove to be Natalie’s perfect match? With Ryan turning her head, Natalie is more confused than ever. And what about Jamie – could he be her second chance at first love? 

Charming, hilarious and totally unputdownable, Miss Wrong and Mr Right will put a huge smile on your face and keep you guessing who Natalie’s ‘Mr Right’ is until the very last page.


Having only read Bryndza’s Ericka Foster series, I was admittedly a bit hesitant about this book. The blurb/cover really drew me in so I decided to push my hesitations to the side and go for it, after all he IS one of my favorite authors and Bookouture IS one of my most trusted publishers. Thank goodness I went ahead, I should never have doubted the two, what a delightfully fun read this was! 

The book opens with Natalie burning her wedding dress. She’s left her fiancé, Jamie at the alter and immediately after she heads to London to start afresh. Now it’s been fifteen years since the wedding that never was and she hasn’t seen Jamie since. She’s settled well into her life, she’s dating, has a successful career and a fantastic best friend Sharon. Things are peachy, until Jamie begins working right across the street from her. 

The characters here are just a big ball of outrageous fun, they’re all perfectly relatable imperfect people. Natalie is smart and successful, but she finds herself in some laugh out loud funny situations. Her boyfriend, Benjamin is such a tool, he’s a yoga instructor who’s answer to any question is namaste. Total arrogant ass, but I couldn’t help but laugh at him. Natalie’s Gran was the best. She’s Hungarian with a flair for drama and her accent made me giggle with delight. Ryan is an American actor who is starring in a play Natalie’s company is producing, and then Jamie is her jilted fiancé. The whole time I was unsure who she would end up with, though I was praying it wasn’t Namaste. Seriously the guys is such a douche. Most chick lit novels tend to be predictable when it comes to working out the love story so I really appreciated that this one kept you guessing.

This was such an easy, breezy read. There is humor, heart, fun, and entertainment in spades. It was the perfect book to escape into and not a boring moment to be found. There is so much fun to be had here, some of the best scenes include rogue pigeons, a bathroom cat fight,  Natalie getting locked out in the rain on one of the most important nights of her career, and so many more! It probably sounds a tad crazy from all that, but trust me, it really caused me to giggle.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to Bookouture for my review copy.

13 thoughts on “Review: Miss Wrong and Mr. Right by Robert Bryndza @RobertBryndza @bookouture

  1. Donna says:

    The book screams “FUN”! 😀 I had it on my wish list before it was re-edited by Bookouture and you confirmed I need this kind of fun on my bookcase 🙂 Great review. I struggle to find easy and fun reads these days, with all those psychological thrillers around!

    Liked by 1 person

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