December Wrap Up

I absolutely loved this book! 

This one blew me away, so stunning.

Another gorgeous book from Lonsdale.

This was was pretty middle of the road for me.

This was a playful and sometimes raunchy romp, but I liked it more than I expected to!

This was soooo good! 

Another great read, I loved this domestic suspense.

This was a super fun and lighthearted read.

Totally loved this one.

I liked this one and the setting was excellent.

I was a stop on the blog tour for this one and it was a great read.

This book was insane, gasp worthy and totally consuming.

This was a fascinating look into criminal profiling.

This was a truly heartwarming read.

This collection of short stories for charity was a fantastic read! 

I loved this one, it had an extremely powerful message.

This was full of conspiracies and intrigue.

This one was ok, definitely had some good moments. 

This was simply stunning.

Another blog tour for this one and I loved it! 

This was written by a local author and I liked it a lot! 

This was a really funny anthology.

This was a really good read.

This fell flat for me.

This was a really fun and fast paced thriller.

What a fun way to wrap up an awesome month, I adore this series.

26 books for the month, my lowest for awhile, but with the holiday hustle and bustle I’m pleased! I have some really exciting reads coming in January, what a great month for new releases! 

My top reads of the year can be found here, there are some really amazing books you don’t want to miss! 

How was your month? 

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