Review: Final Boarding by A. J. Mayers @aj_mayers #WhereIsFlight619

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Release date: November 1, 2016

Publisher: Mascot Books

Genre: Mystery 


Patrick Baldwin had no idea missing Phoenix Airlines Flight 619 would mean he would live to see another day. The flight he missed went missing itself over the Pacific Ocean, going off radar without a trace or any sign of debris. When the world can’t stop talking about the disappearance, Patrick begins to delve into the mystery of the missing airliner in hopes of discovering its fate and the fate of his three colleagues who were on board. The deeper he finds himself in this mystery, the stranger the circumstances become. Was Flight 619’s disappearance an accident, or something more sinister?


I was totally captured and taken in after reading this blurb, then when I found out that the author was inspired by the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, I was even more interested. It’s hard to fathom how, in this age of technology, a plane full of people can just disappear without a trace, right? There is no signs at all of where the plane crashed, no debris or anything. How is this possible? I can’t imagine being personally affected by this type of tragedy and never being able to receive any closure, it seems like it would be absolutely nightmarish. Mayers did such a good job writing this book that I almost forgot I was reading a fictional account and not a true story.

Patrick misses his flight and this is the luckiest day of his life even if he doesn’t realize it yet. He’s understandably devastated when his flight vanishes as he had close colleagues on board and he begins to chronicle the events in the aftermath in a personal journal. Final Boarding is actually his account in the days before the flight and the year afterwards. Telling the story of Flight 619 in this manner allows the reader to make a deep connection with Patrick. I was able to see his inner thoughts and feelings in relation to this catastrophic event and form a bond with him. 

I don’t want to discuss the plot very much but it is full of twists and misdirection as Patrick searches for the truth. When the whole truth is revealed, it’s totally crazy and unexpected. This wasn’t a typical murder/mystery it was full of conspiracy theories and corruption. It would make a really great movie, it’s action packed and suspenseful with a few tender moments that tugged at my heart strings. 

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the author for my review copy.

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