July Wrap Up

The Ingredients of Us: Delectable, Fresh and Emotional

The Surfside Sisters: Breezy, Carefree and Charming

Unfortunately False Step just didn’t work for me at all.

Breath In, Cash Out: Smart, Sharp and Witty.

Girls Like Us was a great summer thriller!

Nina Hill: Quirky, Adorable and Wry

Child’s Play: Thrilling, Complex and Pacey

Last Summer: Compulsive, Sexy and Tense

Tell Me Everything was a solid mystery

Crashing the A List: Hilarious, Entertaining and Sparkling

The Floating Feldman’s: Sardonic, Enjoyable and Dysfunctional

Two Lila Bennett’s: Compulsive, Dynamic and Unexpected

The Helpline: Quirky, Endearing and Hopeful

A Stranger on the Beach was a fun beachy thriller that I had some minor issues with

Good Girl, Bad Girl: Multilayered, Unexpected and Absorbing

Please Send Help was super fun and told in a unique format.

How to Hack a Heartbreak: Fresh, Hip and Fun

That’s What Frenemies Are For: Snarky, Fun and Sharp

The Closer I Get: Unsettling, Obsessive and Engrossing

Someone We Know read like a classic whodunnit with a modern twist

April Wrap Up

Yet another monthly wrap up and another weird month for me. The past two weeks have been SO weird for me, I started and stopped like ten books but I think I’m finally starting to pull myself out of a slump 🙌 Again I find myself gravitating towards lighter reads and not thrillers but I’m going with it again 🤷‍♀️

How was your month? Read anything amazing?!

Gimme Some Sugar: Saucy, Sexy and Spirited

You’d Be Mine: Adorable, Angsty and Enjoyable

Trophy Life: Refreshing, Genuine and Funny

Someone Knows: Tense, Gripping and Dark

The Unhoneymooners: Hilarious, Delightful and Saucy

One Summer in Paris: Heartfelt, Poignant and Captivating

The Library of Lost and Found: Quirky, Lovely and Bewitching

Meet Cute: Hot, Amusing and Candid

I Know You: Compulsive, Twisty and Absorbing

Miracle Creek: Memorable, Vivid and Intoxicating

Call Me Star Girl

I’ll Be Watching You: Creepy, Nuanced and Methodical

The Mother In Law: Fresh, Fascinating and Complicated

The Better Sister: Engrossing, Fluid and Scandalous

The Stillwater Girls was a really entertaining read

The Last Dance: Genuine, Sweet and Adorable

Amazing Grace: Evocative, Hopeful and Beautiful

Swimming for Sunlight was cute but I had issues with the protagonist

I Know Who You Are: Disturbing, Dark and Twisted

The View from Alameda Island: Genuine, Warm and Charming

Park Avenue Summer: Captivating, Vivid and Inspiring

March Wrap Up

Hello lovelies! Another month in the books and it’s fully feeling like spring here, how about where you live?

I’ve been in a super weird reading mood the past couple of weeks, I’ve only wanted to read romance and women’s fiction and I’m just going with it. I’m feeling the dreaded blogger burnout and am trying to figure out what to do to prevent it. I know I’m desperate to read some books from my personal backlist and I’m teaming up with some of my Instagram friends to read only backlist books in the fall. I’m super excited but in the meantime, any tips?! I’m not in a reading slump, I still want to read but I’m struggling with reading to a deadline.

In Another Time: Poetic, Moving and Emotional

The Nowhere Child: Nuanced, Seamless and Tense.

I really struggled with Call Me Evie

Beautiful Bad: Explosive, Authentic and Chilling.

Until the Day I Die was a bit of a different read but I did enjoy it.

I Invited Her In: Obsessive, Manipulative and Dramatic.

The Last Act: Riveting, Relentless and Gripping

A Beautiful Corpse: Sharp, Smart and Steady.

Run Away: Remarkable, Jaw-dropping and Absorbing

The Last Year of the War: Hopeful, Poignant and Affecting

New Starts and Cherry Tarts: Warm, Charming and Sweet

My Lovely Wife: Disturbing, Wicked and Fiendish

The Things We Cannot Say: Powerful, Remarkable and Unforgettable

The Shadow Between Us: Lyrical, Emotional and Moving

House on Fire was a different sort of read for me

The Cliff House: Captivating, Endearing and Uplifting

Blood Oath: Timely, Sharp and Engrossing

Midnight at the Wandering Vineyard was a good read but the ending lost me.

Blood Echo Unusual, Complex and Dark

I’m Fine and Neither Are You: Witty, Heartfelt and Realistic

The Goodbye Cafe: Charming, Endearing and Easy

February Wrap Up

Hello lovelies! I can’t even believe we’re in March already, February absolutely flew by! I had another amazing month full of great books, how about you?!

Stalker: Harrowing, Brilliant and Intricate

Forget You Know Me: Genuine, Fluid and Secretive.

Little Darlings: Unsettling, Menacing and Dark.

When You Read This: Poignant, Fresh and Touching

The Beantown Girls: Heartwarming, Precise and Impassioned.

Once A Liar: Duplicitous, Unexpected and Skillful

The Dead Ex: Addictive, Unpredictable and Engrossing

The Hiding Place: Sinister, Scary and Atmospheric.

Say You’re Sorry: Tense, Compelling and Dark.

The Secretary was one I’m really torn about.

More Than Words: Touching, Sweet and Lyrical

Never Tell: Rapid, Intricate and Unputdownable

The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls was one that just didn’t work for me at all.

Keep Her Close: Tense, Explosive and Addictive

Dead Memories: Thrilling, Intricate and Pacey.

The Silent Patient: Captivating, Clever and Cunning.

The Lost Night was middle of the Road for me.

The Beautiful Strangers: Glamorous, Dramatic and Classic

Why We Lie: Deceptive, Fast and Entertaining.

January Wrap Up

First wrap up of the new year and in a way I can’t believe it, but January is also the longest month ever! I read a total of 27 books but only 18 books linked here. Why? Well because I’ve gotten a bit lazy and if it’s not an ARC I’ve only been reviewing on Goodreads because sometimes I just don’t want to write a full review. If we’re not already friends there you can find me here!

How was your month?!

Freefall: Entertaining, Dynamic and Fast

Her One Mistake: Compulsive, Secretive and Twisty.

Deadly Recall: Dark, Multilayered and Gripping

The Best of Us: Touching, Satisfying and Warm.

The Au Pair: no three words I had mixed feelings.

As Long As We Both Shall Live: Wicked, Addictive and Unpredictable.

The Liar’s Girl: Complex, Steady and Engrossing.

Wartime Sisters: Fluid, Insightful and Alluring.

The Woman Inside: Slick, Dramatic and Deceptive.

One Fatal Mistake: Relentless, Exhilarating and Fast.

Perfect Match: Charming, Sparkly and Fresh

Love Heart Lane: Cozy, Charming and Delightful.

The Girls in the Picture: Enthralling, Empowering and Smart.

Changeling: Menacing, Frightening and Original.

The Temp I really struggled with this one.

I Owe You One: Sweet, Uncomplicated and Engaging.

Deep Dirty Truth: Electrifying, Fierce and Compelling.

The Lost Man: Atmospheric, Mesmerizing and Cunning.

November Wrap Up

Hey guys, can’t believe I’m already wrapping up November! Time for the final push before a new year and I’m starting to work on my Best Of lists for 2018. I’ll be sharing those over the holidays as I’m not planning to read much around that time, instead I’m gonna be spending time with my kids over their break!

I did manage 19 books in November, not my best but I don’t think it was my worst either. How was your month?

Dancing With the Sun: Inspired, Poignant and Emotional

Just After Midnight: Tender, Uplifting and Moving.

Who I Am: Menacing, Dark and Intricate

Good Samaritans: Edgy, Provocative and Twisted.

Christmas Spirit: Festive, Hopeful and Heartwarming.

The Night Visitor: Creepy, Immersive and Unnerving.

The Favorite Daughter: Addictive, Dramatic and Sinister.

The Lingering: Atmospheric, Gripping and Creepy.

Coco Pinchard: Funny, Cute and Happy.

Her Last Move: Shocking, Intricate and Intense.

My Favorite Half Night Stand: Saucy, Funny and Cute.

The Girl He Used to Know: Unique, Emotional and Compassionate.

For Once In My Life: Delightful, Inspiring and Positive.

Tony’s Wife: Engaging, Nostalgic and Endearing.

A Thousand Doors: Innovative, Unique and Clever.

The Night Olivia Fell: Emotionally-charged, Gripping and Authentic

Sins as Scarlet: Intoxicating, Smooth and Sophisticated.

Where the Forest Meets the Stars: Insightful, Extraordinary and Enchanting.

Dear Santa: Whimsical, Cheery and Bright.

October Wrap Up

Another wrap up and it feels like I just posted my September one?! I love this time of year, the lead up to the holidays is a bit magical but I know that means life will be insanely busy for the next few months too.

So I managed 22 books this month, I’m happy with that and feel like this will be the new norm for me going forward. How was your month?

The Dream Daughter: Breathtaking, Exquisite and Poignant.

The Lies We Told: Devious, Stunning and Captivating.

You Were Always Mine: Compelling, Vulnerable and Multifaceted.

The Night In Question: Taut, Pacey and Engrossing.

The Christmas Cafe at Seashell Cove: Enchanting, Festive and Adorable

Under My Skin: Wild, Unnerving and Unreliable

Our Little Lies: Dark, Devious and Impressive

The Stranger Game: Unusual, Smart and Deep.

The Amendement: Unusual, Amusing and Effortless.

In Harms Way: Smooth, Intriguing and Unexpected.

For Better and Worse: Binge-worthy, Addictive and Quick.

The Perfect Liar: Sophisticated, Deceptive and Unpredictable.

Fatal Promise: Meticulous, Nuanced and Gripping.

Lies Between Us: Deft, Complex and Tricky.

Evergreen Tidings From The Baumgartners: Humorous, Quirky and Sincere.

Trap: Exhilarating, Intense and Compelling.

The Girl They Left Behind: Emotional, Engrossing and Heartbreaking.

The Man She Married: Funny, Sweet and Quirky

Daughters of the Lake: Eerie, Atmospheric and Mesmerizing.

November Road was hard to sum up but I liked it!

Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane: Adorable, Charming and Effortless.

River Bodies: Subtle, Layered and Engrossing.

September Wrap Up

Hello fall! I couldn’t be happier that a new season has started, how do you feel about fall? I read 17 books which is super low for me, but honestly I don’t even care anymore lol. I still love blogging and reading but slowing down has been so nice and I’m probably going to continue to do so. I actually read about five more books but I either just reviewed on Goodreads or haven’t put reviews up yet. Again, I can’t muster the energy to care. I feel like the quality of the books I’ve been reading has been phenomenal and I think it’s because I’ve been SO much pickier lately. I’ve DNF more books than ever and I quit feeling guilty about it. Anyway, there’s my monthly update, how was your September?!

Josh and Hazel: Spicy, Adorable and Endearing.

Cross Her Heart: Fluid, Devious and Disturbing.

Daisy Jones and the Six: Epic, Innovative and Moving.

Tear Me Apart: Engrossing, Sharp and Compelling.

The Last: Haunting, Unnerving and Creepy.

The Christmas Sisters: Enchanting, Cozy and Sweet.

The After Wife: Evocative, Moving and Beautiful.

Rapid Falls: I forgot a three word sum up for this one but I loved it!!

A Spark of Light: Profound, Emotional and Incredible.

The Night Before: Compulsive, Fast and Clever.

The Girl In His Eyes: Harrowing, Dark and Disturbing.

When the Lights Go Out: This was such a different read and my feelings are all over the place so no three word sum up.

After He Died: Apparently I forgot a three word wrap up?! I’m slacking but I really liked this one!

Season of Wonder: Magical, Sweet and Heartfelt.

The Birthday: Meticulous, Solid and Engaging.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die: Exhilarating, Dark and Smart.

What Have You Done: Twisty, Gripping and Suspenseful.

August Wrap Up

Another month in the books (haha pun totally intended) and I’m super pleased with my reading month. I’ve slowed down a bit with my reading, I’m no longer really posting on the weekends for the most part and this has helped me have more balance in my personal life tremendously. I may not be reading quite as many books as I have in the past (I’m at 20 instead of 30 this month) but I am taking more time to leisurely read instead of always feeling like I’m reading to a deadline. I did read a couple of additional titles this month but pub day is super far off so I’m trying to wait on sharing my thoughts until a little later. Overall I really enjoyed almost all of the books I did read in August and am super excited about my September TBR as well!

How was your month? Any must reads?

You Were Made For This: I was really confused by my feelings on this one.

An Anonymous Girl: Obsessive, Cunning and Riveting.

Good Luck With That: Vulnerable, Emotional and Relevant.

Leave No Trace: Atmospheric, Intense and Multifaceted.

Rush: Charming, Topical and Fun.

Big Woods: Quick, Engrossing and Deft

The Bucket List: Provocative, Empowering and Honest.

Not Her Daughter: Evocative, New and Gripping.

The Cast: Meaningful, Honest and Tender.

Do No Harm: Unsettling, Obsessive and Compulsive.

Before Her Eyes: Gripping, Dark and Intense.

Hey Ladies!: Silly, Outlandish and Wild.

The Waiting Room: Sharp, Twisty and Complex.

Sweet Little Lies: Assured, Cunning and Authentic.

Winter in Paradise: Escapist, Picturesque and Lush.

The Proposal: Cute, Sweet and Charming.

Trust Me: Original, Tricky and Complex.

Truth and Lies: Gripping, Relentless and Clever.

The Not So Perfect Plan to Save Friendship House: Warm, Sweet and Fun.

Lies: Gripping, Propulsive and Tense.

July Wrap Up

Another month totally flew by and with my kids starting school next week it really feels like the start of a new season. Even though summer isn’t really quite over yet! I had a decent month, 24 books included in this wrap up but I read a few more on my vacation the past few weeks, just haven’t had a chance to write reviews yet. I enjoyed the majority of what I read in July, links below to my full review if you’re interested.

How was your month? Discover any must reads?!

Everything We Give: Emotional, Bittersweet and Surprising.

Safe Houses: Gripping, Tense and Smart.

The Fifth to Die: Bold, Dark and Engrossing.

When We Found Home: Heartwarming, Engaging and Relatable.

Jane Doe: Crafty, Interesting and Vengeful.

Hangman: Clever, Dark and Sardonic.

The Subway Girls: Charming, Sweet and Inspiring.

The Other Woman: Addictive, Wicked and Entertaining.

How to Keep a Secret: Bittersweet, Complicated and Heartfelt.

The Season of Silver Linings: Delightful, Hopeful and Light.

Playing With Matches: Fresh, Easy and Entertaining.

Between You and Me: Thought-provoking, Skilled and Deep.

Ghosted: Current, Unique and Surprising.

Her Pretty Face: Compulsive, Fluid and Engaging.

Those Other Women: Gossipy, Sassy and Amusing.

Give Me Your Hand was one I struggled with unfortunately.

All These Beautiful Strangers: Manipulative, Dramatic and Polished.

Believe Me: I struggled with this one, I think it’s definitely a polarizing read.

Smothered: Humorous, Light and Outrageous.

Pieces of Her: Intricate, Dangerous and Multifaceted.

Bad: Sexy, Outrageous and Fast.

Our House: Original, Secretive and Engaging.

The Masterpiece: Dazzling, Captivating and Impassioned.

She Was the Quiet One: Simmering, Enthralling and Intelligent.