July Wrap Up

Another month totally flew by and with my kids starting school next week it really feels like the start of a new season. Even though summer isn’t really quite over yet! I had a decent month, 24 books included in this wrap up but I read a few more on my vacation the past few weeks, just haven’t had a chance to write reviews yet. I enjoyed the majority of what I read in July, links below to my full review if you’re interested.

How was your month? Discover any must reads?!

Everything We Give: Emotional, Bittersweet and Surprising.

Safe Houses: Gripping, Tense and Smart.

The Fifth to Die: Bold, Dark and Engrossing.

When We Found Home: Heartwarming, Engaging and Relatable.

Jane Doe: Crafty, Interesting and Vengeful.

Hangman: Clever, Dark and Sardonic.

The Subway Girls: Charming, Sweet and Inspiring.

The Other Woman: Addictive, Wicked and Entertaining.

How to Keep a Secret: Bittersweet, Complicated and Heartfelt.

The Season of Silver Linings: Delightful, Hopeful and Light.

Playing With Matches: Fresh, Easy and Entertaining.

Between You and Me: Thought-provoking, Skilled and Deep.

Ghosted: Current, Unique and Surprising.

Her Pretty Face: Compulsive, Fluid and Engaging.

Those Other Women: Gossipy, Sassy and Amusing.

Give Me Your Hand was one I struggled with unfortunately.

All These Beautiful Strangers: Manipulative, Dramatic and Polished.

Believe Me: I struggled with this one, I think it’s definitely a polarizing read.

Smothered: Humorous, Light and Outrageous.

Pieces of Her: Intricate, Dangerous and Multifaceted.

Bad: Sexy, Outrageous and Fast.

Our House: Original, Secretive and Engaging.

The Masterpiece: Dazzling, Captivating and Impassioned.

She Was the Quiet One: Simmering, Enthralling and Intelligent.

6 thoughts on “July Wrap Up

  1. Lorilin says:

    You’re a machine!! 😂 So many books in one month! Hope you have extra time to read when your kids are back in school. That’s always a good thing. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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