March Wrap Up

Hello lovelies! Another month in the books and it’s fully feeling like spring here, how about where you live?

I’ve been in a super weird reading mood the past couple of weeks, I’ve only wanted to read romance and women’s fiction and I’m just going with it. I’m feeling the dreaded blogger burnout and am trying to figure out what to do to prevent it. I know I’m desperate to read some books from my personal backlist and I’m teaming up with some of my Instagram friends to read only backlist books in the fall. I’m super excited but in the meantime, any tips?! I’m not in a reading slump, I still want to read but I’m struggling with reading to a deadline.

In Another Time: Poetic, Moving and Emotional

The Nowhere Child: Nuanced, Seamless and Tense.

I really struggled with Call Me Evie

Beautiful Bad: Explosive, Authentic and Chilling.

Until the Day I Die was a bit of a different read but I did enjoy it.

I Invited Her In: Obsessive, Manipulative and Dramatic.

The Last Act: Riveting, Relentless and Gripping

A Beautiful Corpse: Sharp, Smart and Steady.

Run Away: Remarkable, Jaw-dropping and Absorbing

The Last Year of the War: Hopeful, Poignant and Affecting

New Starts and Cherry Tarts: Warm, Charming and Sweet

My Lovely Wife: Disturbing, Wicked and Fiendish

The Things We Cannot Say: Powerful, Remarkable and Unforgettable

The Shadow Between Us: Lyrical, Emotional and Moving

House on Fire was a different sort of read for me

The Cliff House: Captivating, Endearing and Uplifting

Blood Oath: Timely, Sharp and Engrossing

Midnight at the Wandering Vineyard was a good read but the ending lost me.

Blood Echo Unusual, Complex and Dark

I’m Fine and Neither Are You: Witty, Heartfelt and Realistic

The Goodbye Cafe: Charming, Endearing and Easy

10 thoughts on “March Wrap Up

  1. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom says:

    We have days where it is starting to feel like spring, then get bashed with a 30 degree day with snow flurries. To say my sinuses are not pleased is an understatement lol

    I’m sorry you are feeling slumpish – though not exactly lol Maybe you could not request any ARCs for a bit and not be so strict with the ones you are currently working on? Or maybe alternate an ARC with a deadline with a book you are in the mood to read… Good luck!

    Happy reading in April!

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