Review: Until the Day I Die by Emily Carpenter


Release date: March 12, 2019

Publisher: Lake Union

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


If there’s a healthy way to grieve, Erin Gaines hasn’t found it. After her husband’s sudden death, the runaway success of the tech company they built with their best friends has become overwhelming. Her nerves are frayed, she’s disengaged, and her frustrated daughter, Shorie, is pulling away from her. Maybe Erin’s friends and family are right. Maybe a few weeks at a spa resort in the Caribbean islands is just what she needs to hit the reset button…

Shorie is not only worried about her mother’s mental state but also for the future of her parents’ company. Especially when she begins to suspect that not all of Erin’s colleagues can be trusted. It seems someone is spinning an intricate web of deception—the foundation for a conspiracy that is putting everything, and everyone she loves, at risk. And she may be the only one who can stop it.

Now, thousands of miles away in a remote, and oftentimes menacing, tropical jungle, Erin is beginning to have similar fears. Things at the resort aren’t exactly how the brochure described, and unless she’s losing her mind, Erin’s pretty sure she wasn’t sent there to recover—she was sent to disappear.


I’ve read three of Carpenter’s books now and I’m so impressed by how vastly different each of her books are. There’s nothing formulaic about her books, she doesn’t regurgitate the same old tired storylines, instead she comes up with these unusual premises that end up being wildly entertaining.

This flips back and forth between Erin and her daughter Shorie and I adore multiple perspectives. While I liked and felt for Erin I was really enamored with Shorie and I think it’s because Carpenter captured the voice of a young woman so well. She felt genuine and believable and I kept thinking this one would even appeal to the YA crowd. This starts off on the slower side but then at the halfway point things get kicked into high gear and it was a nonstop race to the finish for me. Despite some slightly implausible moments I really enjoyed this one.

I’ve talked a lot before about how having the right expectations for certain books can really help and this is one where I feel like I should say this is exactly that sort of book. Is it a thriller? Yes, but it’s a slower burn with increasing tension as it progresses. Is it a mystery? Yes again, but parts are predictable for seasoned thriller readers so keep that in mind. Is it dark and menacing? Yes, but not in the usual way, there’s definitely danger but the menace is done in an over the top and dramatic fashion that certainly won’t be for everyone. Is it entertaining? Absolutely but the same kind of entertainment that I get when I watch a Lifetime movie, there’s definitely some moments where you have to suspend disbelief, some things are pretty far fetched. All of that to say that I enjoyed this one immensely and I hope by telling you what sort of book this truly is I’ll ensure you pick this one up with the right mindset.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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