October Wrap Up

Another wrap up and it feels like I just posted my September one?! I love this time of year, the lead up to the holidays is a bit magical but I know that means life will be insanely busy for the next few months too.

So I managed 22 books this month, I’m happy with that and feel like this will be the new norm for me going forward. How was your month?

The Dream Daughter: Breathtaking, Exquisite and Poignant.

The Lies We Told: Devious, Stunning and Captivating.

You Were Always Mine: Compelling, Vulnerable and Multifaceted.

The Night In Question: Taut, Pacey and Engrossing.

The Christmas Cafe at Seashell Cove: Enchanting, Festive and Adorable

Under My Skin: Wild, Unnerving and Unreliable

Our Little Lies: Dark, Devious and Impressive

The Stranger Game: Unusual, Smart and Deep.

The Amendement: Unusual, Amusing and Effortless.

In Harms Way: Smooth, Intriguing and Unexpected.

For Better and Worse: Binge-worthy, Addictive and Quick.

The Perfect Liar: Sophisticated, Deceptive and Unpredictable.

Fatal Promise: Meticulous, Nuanced and Gripping.

Lies Between Us: Deft, Complex and Tricky.

Evergreen Tidings From The Baumgartners: Humorous, Quirky and Sincere.

Trap: Exhilarating, Intense and Compelling.

The Girl They Left Behind: Emotional, Engrossing and Heartbreaking.

The Man She Married: Funny, Sweet and Quirky

Daughters of the Lake: Eerie, Atmospheric and Mesmerizing.

November Road was hard to sum up but I liked it!

Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane: Adorable, Charming and Effortless.

River Bodies: Subtle, Layered and Engrossing.

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