Review: Daughters of the Lake by Wendy Webb


Release date: November 1, 2018

Publisher: Lake Union

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


After the end of her marriage, Kate Granger has retreated to her parents’ home on Lake Superior to pull herself together—only to discover the body of a murdered woman washed into the shallows. Tucked in the folds of the woman’s curiously vintage gown is an infant, as cold and at peace as its mother. No one can identify the woman. Except for Kate. She’s seen her before. In her dreams…

One hundred years ago, a love story ended in tragedy, its mysteries left unsolved. It’s time for the lake to give up its secrets. As each mystery unravels, it pulls Kate deeper into the eddy of a haunting folktale that has been handed down in whispers over generations. Now, it’s Kate’s turn to listen.

As the drowned woman reaches out from the grave, Kate reaches back. They must come together, if only in dreams, to right the sinister wrongs of the past.


This is an absolutely perfect book to read during this time of year, it’s dark and gothic and heavily involved with the supernatural, it really read like a classic ghost story without the super disturbing horror type elements. If you’re the type of reader who doesn’t like really scary stuff or graphic details then this is for you. The mystery is on the lighter side and while it’s eerie, it’s not terrifying and will most likely not disturb you.

This flips back and forth between the present day and the early 1900’s and follows Kate and a young woman named Addie. I liked the way their stories intertwined and while I was able to guess the mystery in the end, I still found it to be an enjoyable read. I think this was because I was so immersed in the great atmosphere Webb created, it was super haunting and spooky and incredibly easy to picture. I loved the gothic vibes and the mix between past and present, and I don’t mind supernatural stuff in a thriller occasionally and again, for this time of year I was into it. Throw in some light romance and an engaging mystery and you have a fun fall mystery that entertained me.

Daughters of the Lake in three words: Eerie, Atmospheric and Mesmerizing.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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