Review: The Man She Married by Cathy Lamb


Release date: October 30, 2018

Publisher: Kensington

Genre: Women’s Fiction


When Natalie Shelton thinks back to how things were before the car accident, she remembers a great marriage. She and her husband, Zack, seem as strong and dependable together as the houses he builds. They live in Portland, Oregon, and Natalie is co-owner of a successful accounting firm. They’re happy, she’s almost sure of it. 

Yet as Natalie lies trapped in a coma, unable to communicate though aware of everything around her, she realizes that her husband is hiding something. Zack has always been reticent about his past, which she attributed to an unhappy childhood. Now the strange calls he’s receiving, the apologies when he thinks she can’t hear him, and her fragmented memories from the morning of the accident suggest a deeper secret. 

When she finally awakens, Natalie is determined to find out the truth. Sorting through clues as her brain heals, she realizes she has a rare opportunity—to reexamine the life she’s made and the man she’s made it with. But as answers come to light, she faces surprising, heartrending decisions, as well as a danger that could upend her world once again, as Zack’s past finally catches up with them . . . 


This was my first CL book and I’m sitting here in disbelief that I haven’t read her before now, especially since she has written several books. The best part of that is I don’t have to worry about waiting for her next book because if I need more CL in my life I can work my way through her back list and I feel like everyone needs a bit more of her in their lives.

Don’t you just love being surprised by a book? I’m not talking about being shocked by plot twists, I’m talking about when a book is just slightly different than what you expected, but in a really good way. I guess I thought this would be sorta sad, maybe even a bit depressing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It was so funny and humor was the last thing I expected to encounter but I so appreciated it. If her books generally have the same style of good natured fun please let me know because I adored it.

While the plot here was great, it definitely maintained my interest, the star of the show was most certainly the characters. Natalie herself was a little shining star, but every single other character was amazing as well. Her dad, her husband, her two best friends and her mom were all super fun and quirky and totally the type of people you only wish you knew in real life. They were vibrant and full of life and energy, the type you expect to leap from the pages and a few even left an imprint on my heart. Recommended for anyone who needs some laughs and loves to love characters, a super fun read.

The Man She Married in three words: Funny, Sweet and Quirky.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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