Review: The Night In Question by Nic Joseph


Release date: October 2, 2018

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Your ride is here…

When Paula picks up her last passenger of the night, all she sees is a few more dollars to put toward her husband’s medical bills. That’s before she recognizes the quiet stranger in her back seat as a world-famous musician and realizes the woman waiting at his destination is not his equally famous wife. So, Paula does what any down-on-her-luck woman would do.

She asks for money in exchange for silence.

But when a woman is murdered in the same building days later, Paula discovers she is the only witness to the secret affair—an affair that incriminates the musician. Now, Paula’s silence comes at a much more dangerous price.


I really liked the basis for this one, the whole idea of can a person be inherently good if they make a series of bad decisions? What if those choices are made for the greater good, does that give them a pass or maybe just some leeway? It’s interesting to say the least and besides these moral questions it’s also super tense and told using a structure that I love.

Both Paula and the detective investigating the murder narrate this with Paula supplying the bulk of the narrative. It jumps from after the night in question itself to before and then the actual night of but it was laid out very clearly and wasn’t confusing for me at all. I found it to be a true page turner, it was written very fluently and I was engaged and eager to find out how it would all end. It reads like a slow burn to begin with but then the tension steadily increases the further you get and then by the ending things get really good and the intensity is through the roof. I had my suspicions and while I was partly right the author did have some tricks up her sleeve. At times I was reminded of a good old fashioned whodunnit with a modern twist so if you like that style check this one out.

The Night In Question in three words: Taut, Pacey and Engrossing.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to Booksparks for my review copy.

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