July Wrap Up

The Ingredients of Us: Delectable, Fresh and Emotional

The Surfside Sisters: Breezy, Carefree and Charming

Unfortunately False Step just didn’t work for me at all.

Breath In, Cash Out: Smart, Sharp and Witty.

Girls Like Us was a great summer thriller!

Nina Hill: Quirky, Adorable and Wry

Child’s Play: Thrilling, Complex and Pacey

Last Summer: Compulsive, Sexy and Tense

Tell Me Everything was a solid mystery

Crashing the A List: Hilarious, Entertaining and Sparkling

The Floating Feldman’s: Sardonic, Enjoyable and Dysfunctional

Two Lila Bennett’s: Compulsive, Dynamic and Unexpected

The Helpline: Quirky, Endearing and Hopeful

A Stranger on the Beach was a fun beachy thriller that I had some minor issues with

Good Girl, Bad Girl: Multilayered, Unexpected and Absorbing

Please Send Help was super fun and told in a unique format.

How to Hack a Heartbreak: Fresh, Hip and Fun

That’s What Frenemies Are For: Snarky, Fun and Sharp

The Closer I Get: Unsettling, Obsessive and Engrossing

Someone We Know read like a classic whodunnit with a modern twist

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