Blog Tour: Games People Play by Owen Mullen @OwenMullen6 @Bloodhoundbook

Release date: January 16, 2017

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Genre: Crime Fiction 


An utterly gripping crime thriller from ‘a major new force in British crime fiction.’

Thirteen-month-old Lily Hamilton is abducted from Ayr beach in Scotland while her parents are just yards away.

Three days later the distraught father turns up at private investigator Charlie Cameron’s office. Mark Hamilton believes he knows who has stolen his daughter. And why.

Against his better judgment Charlie gets involved in the case and when more bodies are discovered the awful truth dawns: there is a serial killer whose work has gone undetected for decades.

Is baby Lily the latest victim of a madman?

For Charlie it’s too late, he can’t let go.

His demons won’t let him.

Games People Play is a stunning new crime thriller which will have you on the edge of your seat. It will appeal to fans of authors like; Lee Child, Peter May, Angela Marsons & Helen H Durrant.


Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Games People Play

This book opens with the abduction of baby Lily and my anxiety about what had happened to her and where she ended up never dissipated. Charlie Cameron is a PI in Glasgow and his speciality is finding missing people, but he doesn’t take cases where there is a child missing. Ever. Mark Hamilton is Lily’s father and when he begs Charlie for help, he can’t resist despite knowing that this is exactly the type of case he should steer clear of. As he begins to follow the very few leads given to him, Charlie battles demons from his past and the truth about the child’s abduction brings many surprising twists along the way. 

Besides the case of Lily, there is a serial killer who’s just been captured and his victims are all children. As the locations of their gravesites are shared, (maddeningly slowly) none of them are Lily. Mullen crafted a cunning killer with this character, one that made my skin crawl and sent cold chills up my spine. 

I loved that Charlie was a PI and not a cop, it brought a refreshing and unique perspective to the book. Though the story is full of a fantastic cast of characters I connected with Charlie the most. He’s complex, full of a variety of issues that really humanized him. The setting of Glasgow was beautiful and played nicely alongside the plot, which speaking of the plot, it was tense and tightly wound and ended up going in directions that I wasn’t expecting. 

I also have to mention Mullen’s use of humor, it was spot on and there were plenty of scenes with witty banter that made me chuckle. I can’t wait to see what happens to Charlie next, both personally and professionally and crime fiction fans looking for a fresh and engaging read need to grab this one ASAP. 

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to Bloodhound Books for my review copy. 

About the Author: 

When he was ten, Owen Mullen won a short story competition and didn’t write anything else for almost forty years. In between he graduated from Strathclyde University with a Masters in Tourism and a degree in Marketing, moved to London and worked as a rock musician, session singer and songwriter, andhad a hit record in Japan with a band he refuses to name; on occasion he still performs. He returned to Scotland to run a management consultancy and a marketing agency. He is an Arsenal supporter and a serious foodie. A gregarious recluse, he and his wife, Christine, split their time between Glasgow – where the Charlie Cameron books are set – and their villa in the Greek Islands.

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