Blog Tour: Old Friends and New Enemies by Owen Mullen @OwenMullen6 @Bloodhoundbook

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Release date: January 25, 2017

Publisher: Bloodhound Books 

Genre: Crime Fiction 


An explosive new crime thriller

The body on the mortuary slab wasn’t who Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron was looking for.

But it wasn’t a stranger.

Suddenly, a routine missing persons investigation becomes a fight for survival. As Charlie is dragged deeper into Glasgow’s underbelly he goes up against notorious gangster Jimmy Rafferty and discovers what fear really is.

Rafferty is so ruthless even his own sons are terrified of him.

Now he wants Charlie to find something. And Jimmy Rafferty always gets what he wants.

There is only one problem… Charlie doesn’t know where it is.


Welcome to my stop on the Old Friends and New Enemies blog tour!

This is the second book in Mullen’s series featuring Charlie Cameron and I read the first one and really liked it, you can find my review here. Though you can read this as a standalone, I would encourage you to pick up the first book in the series as I really enjoyed the introduction to the characters and you’ll be missing out on some  important background information. 

Charlie has two cases going on at once, he’s hired in his role of a PI to search for Cecelia McNeil’s husband who went missing after their son committed suicide, then he goes to see if an un identified body is who he’s looking for and is shocked to discover it’s an old friend of his. Charlie has no idea how much danger this chance encounter will put him in and he struggles both personally and professionally as a result. 

This book had a darkly emotional feeling to it even more so than the first book as the case leads Charlie to have run ins with a local gangster family. He had such a personal connection to the case that it provided some really interesting insight into who he is now and who he was in the past. As his characterization delved deeper, so did that of the other players in the book. Pat is back as Charlie’s sidekick and he’s as charming and lovable as ever. Jackie who runs NYB, the bar where they all hang out and work is dating someone new (again) and Andrew the police officer who is also a friend of Charlie’s makes several appearances. 

The setting of Glasgow shined through beautifully once again and the dark humor that I loved in book one was back with a vengeance. I’m always really pleased when a series gets better with each book and it definitely happened here. The tension was more palpable, the storyline was grittier, and the stakes were higher as Charlie faced some serious betrayals. I’m really enjoying Mullen’s books and am very much looking forward to the third book to be released. 

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to Bloodhound Books for my review copy.

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