Blog Tour: Never Forget by Richard Davis 

Release date: February 20, 2017

Publisher: Canelo 

Genre: Crime Thriller


Saul Marshall is on the run.

As a wave of seemingly random assassinations engulfs California, Marshall finds himself drawn into a situation spiralling out of control.

He soon discovers some of the webs’ most secure protocols have been compromised by a rogue team of former Chinese agents. When Marshall realises what they plan, the stakes are raised…

And that’s before the Secretary of State gets involved. Can Marshall unravel the deceit and tricks before it’s too late? Can he stop the carnage, or will he become part of it? One thing is for certain: either way his enemies will never forget.


Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Never Forget

This is the second book in Davis’ Saul Marshall series and though I haven’t had a chance to read the first book, I had no problem jumping in at book two. Jump in is the right phrase because this one shoots straight into the action and never lets up. Saul Marshall is on the run and trying to maintain a low profile, that is until he witnesses a woman being kidnapped. He can’t just stand by and watch as that goes against everything he stands for, so against his better judgment he helps her. He has no idea what he’s getting himself involved in, he’s about to enter a world of cyber crime, terrorists, and political corruption. 

Ellen is the woman Saul helps and I liked their fast and furious connection and trust. Maybe a little unbelievably fast, but there were a few moments here where I had to suspend disbelief. I didn’t really mind this as it tends to happen in many action thrillers, I became lost in the story and didn’t allow implausibility to become a negative factor. Besides those two, there were some good secondary characters and the one I liked most was Saul’s friend, Vann. He’s a wisecracking jokester who brought some levity to this suspenseful read.

I think this series has great potential and will especially appeal to fans of politically charged thrillers with a high tech twist. The pacing was strong, and the writing style was solid, the only thing lacking for me was a bit more character development, I wanted that personal connection to the characters and it wasn’t quite there for me. 

Overall rating: 3/5

Thanks to Faye Rogers and the author for my review copy and invitation to join the tour. 

About the Author: 

Richard Davis graduated from University College London in 2011 and Cambridge University in 2012. The Saul Marshall series was born from Davis’s extensive travels around the United States and his long-standing obsession with thriller fiction. He lives in North London, UK, with his girlfriend.

Also, here’s some information about the first book in the series. 

A psychotic terrorist has his son. He will do anything to save him

When a rogue cult turns deadly, the FBI call on former conman Agent Saul Marshall. FALSE PROPHET introduces a gripping new series from thriller writer Richard Davis
Marshall is soon drawn into a cat and mouse chase with the leader of the cult, Ivan Drexler. As the scale of Drexler’s terrorist ambition becomes ever clearer, news arrives that he has taken Marshall’s son hostage. Removed from the line of duty, he must work alone, off-grid.
As the attacks intensify, Saul will stop at nothing to defeat Drexler.
But the FBI are questioning Saul’s own part in the carnage. He must work fast to save both his country and his life. Can Saul stop the carnage before it’s too late? And can he save his son?
As wave after wave of attacks break, the clock is ticking for Saul.

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