March Wrap Up 

After the Affair was a great psychological thriller.

Never Forget was a fast paced thriller. 

In Farleigh Field was a great historical mystery.

How to Mend a Broken Heart was a emotionally charged read.

The Beachside Sweet Shop was so adorable, I loved it!

Never Let You Go was amazing, I LOVED it!

The Roanoke Girls was one of those books where I was really conflicted. 

The Fourth Monkey was an insanely good serial killer thriller with a twist. 

An Impossible Dilemma was a crazy, twisted, thriller. 

The Cutaway was a unique mystery.

The Skeletons of Scarborough House was a hilarious read! 

Evie’s Year of Taking Chances was a sweet, uplifting story. 

Rome is Where the Heart Is was a gorgeous romance. 

The Breakdown was a solid psychological thriller from Paris even if it was missing some of the power of her debut. 

Say Nothing was a tense thriller, part legal drama and part domestic suspense. 

The Mercury Travel Club was a really fun read. 

The Fire Child was a total disappointment for me. 

The Missing Ones was an awesome debut. 

After She’s Gone was a good, suspenseful read. 

Deadly Game was a character driven thriller.

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead was another solid installment in this series. 

Mystery at Maplemead Castle was wickedly funny read.

A Dangerous Crossing was a really good historical read.

The Last Chance Matinee was the first book in a new series about sisters and family secrets. 

Six Stories was written in a podcast style format and I LOVED it. 

Don’t Stop Me Now was an empowering read with a fantastic message. 

Forever a Hero was a typical romance novel.

Almost Missed You was a solid suspense novel. 

It Happens All The Time was a heavy and vitally important read. 

Manipulated Lives was a collection of short stories that I found interesting. 

Her Perfect Life fell flat for me. 

Playing House was a totally fun read! 

I had another great month, I read and reviewed 32 books which just reinforces my belief that I need to get a life! 😂 Sam at Clues and Reviews makes me feel more normal as she read thirty five! We’re demon speed readers, we’re even thinking of starting a biker gang with jackets and all. Long story, watch this space. 

Let’s check in with my reading goals since I totally forgot to add this part to my February wrap up. 

Tackle review requests: 

It’s going, it’s never ending but it’s going. 

Highlight more indie authors: 

Yep, doing this!!


Umm…well…yeah…don’t ask.

Personal TBR: 

Yikes. The Breakdown was not a review copy so I’m counting that. 

Piggy bank: 

Slacking but I’m gonna fix it this week.

Discussion posts: 

YES! I posted about blogger guilt and it was a success. It’s one of my most viewed posts EVER 😱 Part two is almost done, I’ll have it up this week. I even have another topic for April. 

Goodreads goal: 

I’m at 90 books and 30% so on track. 


Yeah I had another this month, The Fall of Lisa Bellow. I may even have had more than that?

Say No: 

Several times but I’ve also said yes a few. Sigh.

TBC Challenge: 

Still only 2/20. I’m thinking about not scheduling anything for July and enjoying the summer with my kids and reading from my personal TBR only. Hopefully I’ll make progress then. 

Book of the month: 

This was tough, I read some really fabulous books, but my winner for March is…

Six Stories was so original and exciting, I was blown away by this one. 

How was March for you? If you have a wrap up post link me!! 

17 thoughts on “March Wrap Up 

  1. Neven Carr says:

    Okay, so I’m reading this post and scrolling down………and scrolling………and scrolling!
    OMG, my mouth opened so wide my false teeth fell out when I FINALLY got to the bottom to see that you have read 32 books this month! I think I may have read 32 pages **cringes in shame** but I have added Six Stories to my TBR list as I’m seeing so many great reviews on this bad boy. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom says:

    “I had another great month, I read and reviewed 32 books which just reinforces my belief that I need to get a life!”

    I was thinking the same thing… Just kidding!! I was actually thinking that you are #ReadingGoals! It’s crazy that you have read 90 books so far this year as that is my goal for 2017.

    Congrats on your first discussion! I loved it. Can’t wait to see part 2!

    Liked by 1 person

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