It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #imwayr

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly post to share what you recently finished reading, what you’re currently reading, and what you plan on reading this week. It’s hosted by Kathryn at Bookdate

What I Read Last Week: 

Deadly Game was a solid thriller. 

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead was the third book in a series and my favorite thus far. 

Mystery at Maplemead Castle was book two in a series I adore!

A Dangerous Crossing was a fascinating historical fiction novel. 

The Lost Children was a good start to a new crime series. 

The Last Chance Matinee had a really interesting premise. 

Six Stories was a stunning debut, wholly unique, I highly recommend it. 

Don’t Stop Me Now was a totally uplifting read. 

Forever a Hero was a typical, straightforward romance.
Currently Reading: 

Up Next: 

I actually have some wiggle room in my TBR this week so some of these may not make it, in still figuring out my final schedule, I may even mood read for the first time in awhile!

I also posted my first discussion post of the year about blogging guilt and it seemed many people could relate, so I’m working on part two and I’m hoping to have it up later this week.

What are you currently reading? 

52 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #imwayr

  1. rebeccapursell says:

    Just about to started reading Rachel Abbots new book, The Sixth Window. I didn’t enjoy her last two as I found them to be meh is the best way to describe It lol! She got me hooked with her first book so I’m hoping this is better. Happy Monday!

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    • novelgossip says:

      I’m sharing mine too! As long as I can finish the last 30 pages in time to write a review, I think this is gonna be a tough one to review, it’s deeply powerful and hard to read BUT I’m loving it! Can’t wait for your review.

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  2. Renee (Itsbooktalk) says:

    I’m very curious about your thoughts on It Happens All the Time…I completely disregarded it after reading the blurb, depending on your review I might change my mind:) I just finished Where Roses Never Die, another winner from Orenda although very much a slow burn. Next up is Lacey’s Wedding🤗 and Her Every Fear

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  3. BrizzleLass says:

    I’m currently reading Dragon of Ash & Stars which is (if the dragon part doesn’t give it away) a fantasy which is written as an autobiography from the dragons point of view, so far it’s excellent.

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  4. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom says:

    One of these days I will actually read this on a Monday… probably not, but I’ll keep trying lol

    It’s now Saturday and I am currently reading a few books to get ready for the Ohioana Book Fest next Saturday. I hope to get through 3 books this week…. wish me luck lol

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