Dark Minds: A Collection of Short Stories for Charity @Bloodhoundbook

Happy Saturday everyone! Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing Dark Minds for the blog tour and this year they’re running a fantastic giveaway! I’ll be sharing my review again, but first here’s some details about the book and how to enter the giveaway.


A collection of short stories from some of your favourite authors

You think you know darkness? Think again.

Bloodhound Books presents Dark Minds – a collection of stories by authors who have come together to produce an anthology that will lure, tantalise and shock its readers.

What took place By the Water?

What goes on behind A Stranger’s Eyes?

And what is so special about Slow Roast Pork?

From master authors such as Lisa Hall, Steven Dunne, Louise Jensen and Anita Waller, readers can expect a one hell of a ride…

Dark Minds is a collection of 40 crime and thriller short stories from authors including; Louise Jensen, L.J. Ross, Lisa Hall, Steven Dunne, Betsy Reavley, M.A. Comley, Alex Walters and Anita Waller plus many more.

Sounds great, right?! Here’s the giveaway details.


I have to start by saying that the proceeds from the sale of this brilliant collection go to two very worthy causes, Sophie’s Appeal and Hospice UK. I’m honored to be one of the stops for the blog tour today and can’t wait to tell you all about this phenomenal compilation. Check out the book trailer as well.

Since there are forty stories in this collection I won’t review every single one separately, but I do want to mention that as a whole they are fantastic. There were none I actively disliked, I really enjoyed something about each of them. I’ll highlight my favorite ones, but there really is something for everyone here, especially if you’re a thriller fan. I haven’t read many short stories but this experience opened up my eyes and made me realize how enjoyable it can be. Who knew a few pages could pack such a huge punch?

The Shoes Maketh the Man by Louise Jensen 

Being a huge Jensen fan I was ecstatic to see she was one of the participating authors for Dark Minds. Her story is about an elderly man named Bill who’s wife Maureen has passed leaving him a widow.  Pensioners are being murdered in his area, is he next? It was creepy and pulled off quite a twist within a few pages.

Never Tell a Lie by Tara Lyons 

This is about an un named man who has an obsession with a beautiful woman named Fiona who he meets when she visits the coffee shop where he works. It’s obsessive, dark and menacing.

By The Water by Betsy Reavley 

Christine wakes up in a mental institution and has no idea why or what happened to land her there. Freaks me out just thinking about it! This was very chilling.

Slow Roast Pork by S. E. Lynes 

An un named woman this time who’s husband, Peter disappears. She seems distraught but does she know where he is? Or is she just a good actress? This was chilling in its intensity.

Sticky Fingers by J. T. Lawrence 

Nikki is a kleptomaniac, she’s not hurting for money she’s actually a wealthy housewife. She just can’t help herself, but is her time finally up? I loved the glimpse into her twisted mind and thought processes.

Hidden by K. A. Richardson 

Don’t want to say anything besides it is extremely creepy and graphic but excellent in its depravity.

I’ve Gone by Anita Waller

Laura’s husband Kevin is missing all that’s left is a note that says I’ve gone. This one was heartbreaking and shocking.

Be Careful What You Wish for by Peter Best

Sammy has found herself unwittingly entangled with the mafia in NYC. This is very action packed and there are twists until the very last sentence.

Dangerous Actions by M. A. Comley 

Joanne and Beth  are two best friends who meet a new guy on Facebook but social media can be deadly… I can’t say much more than that, but I was thoroughly impressed!

Captive by Stephen Edger

Daisy is kidnapped by Tim when she’s 6. There is quite a lot of action and intensity for a short story. My pulse was pounding as waited to see what her fate would be.

That’s just a taste of what this amazing collection has to offer, there are so many excellent stories that you have to read for yourself! It’s SUCH a good cause, grab your copy, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall rating: 5/5

You can grab a copy on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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