Best Debuts of 2017 #Bestof2017

Time for part three of my best books of the year and this time I’m focusing on the most outstanding debuts I read. The books on this list all stunned me in some way and I’m SO excited that several of them are the start of a new series! I’m also going to be sharing my favorite book from my throwback Thursday reads and my favorite audiobook as a little bonus.

If you missed the first two lists and are interested you can find them here, I shared my top psychological thrillers, historical fiction and women’s fiction books.


I read Sirens very early last year and guessed it would still be a favorite by years end and I was absolutely right. This is a truly special book, it’s just a stunning read and while I was lucky enough to snag a UK copy, it’s publishing here in the US in February, I urge you to preorder it!

Sometimes I’m an idiot who avoids super hyped up books just for the sake of being stubborn and that’s what happened with The Dry. Thank goodness I came to my senses and read this gem because it was phenomenal. The second book is out early next year and I’m so excited I’m all caught up. If you’ve been holding out like I did I recommend that you hurry and read it before Force of Nature hits the shelves!

Ragdoll opened with a tense prologue and that intensity never let up for a minute, I was engrossed throughout and blown away that this was a debut! Book two is out in 2018 and I believe not until the summer so you have time for this one first.

Good Me Bad Me was a powerful read and one that I still think about to this day. I think it’s one of my longest reviews I’ve ever written so obviously there is much to ponder.

Six Stories was so well done and had an amazingly unique format, I absolutely devoured this one! I just received book two, Hydra and I have no doubt I’ll love it just as much.

Favorite TBT read

How can I not choose Beartown?! If you’ve read this you’ll understand, it’s profound, moving and emotional and so gorgeously written. If you haven’t read it you have to.

Favorite audiobook

I didn’t even review this on here, just Goodreads but that was due to time constraints and nothing to do with how much I loved it! I had listened to Today Will Be Different and while the story was just ok, the narrator was incredible. WYGB had the same amazing narrator, Kathleen Wilhoite and she is SO good, she even made me tear up at one point! If you’re hesitant about audiobooks a good narrator can make all the difference so look Kathleen up and give one of her books a try!

Two more posts left, I’ll be sharing my favorite standalone thrillers one day and then my favorite series the next and then it’ll officially be 2018! 😱😱😱

What do you think of my picks, agree or disagree? Did I miss any debuts that I need to add to Mount TBR?

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