Best Series of 2017 #Bestof2017

The time has come for my final post in my Best of 2017 list! I’ve shared my favorite psychological thrillers, debuts, women’s fiction, historical, and mystery/Thriller standalones, you can find them here if you missed them.

I love discovering a new series and binge reading them or getting in on the ground floor of a series and knowing that I’ll be following the author as long as they keep writing. Some of these series started a few years ago and some just in 2017, but they al had at least one new addition this year and I loved every single one of them!

Favorite Series

Sue Watson writes laugh out loud funny books and this series is just awesome! All three reviews can be found here.

In 2017 we were lucky enough to get two new books in Marsons Kim Stone series! These books are just amazingly well done, every single one has been a five star read for me, that doesn’t happen very often.

In 2016 I jumped in at book number three in this series and I’m still kicking myself for not getting in earlier! The Deep Dark Descending and The Heavens May Fall were both fantastic, well written and engaging.

After a recommendation from my girl Chelsea at The Suspense is Thrilling Me, I mowed through this series at record speed. A Twist of the Knife was released this year and I’ve been dying for the next book ever since. Brigid Quinn is one of the most unique, well crafted characters I’ve ever come across, I can’t get enough of her.

Liz Eeles was another gem I discovered this year, I love the characters in this series and the setting is just lovely. I can’t wait to escape with Annie again!

2017 brought two new installments in the brilliant Erika Foster series, how lucky are we?! This series is fresh, exciting dark and gritty, an excellent police procedural.

Carol Wyer is a writing machine, can you believe she released four books in a series in one year?! So impressive especially as they’re all intricately plotted, twisty and dark.

Rachel Amphlett is another powerhouse, I can’t believe I’ve already read four books in this series! These books have the ability to amaze me and frustrate me as Amphlett tortures me with #TheKayMystery 😜 Super fast paced, unique premise for each book, these are addictive reads.

And that’s a wrap for 2017 friends! What series am I missing that I should be missing? I’m actually sort of scared to ask my TBR can’t handle it πŸ˜‚

Best Mystery/Thrillers of 2017 #Bestof2017

It’s day four of my favorite reads of 2017 and today I’m focusing on my most read genre, mysteries and thrillers! These are all standalones, tomorrow I’ll be sharing my favorite series. Since this is my most read genre I had an extremely difficult time narrowing down my list and I tried really hard to include different types of thrillers from adventure thrillers all the way to ones with supernatural elements, I’m hoping there is something on here for everyone!

If you missed the first three lists I shared my favorite debuts, women’s fiction, historical fiction and psychological thrillers and you can find them here.


Early in the year I read The Abattoir of Dreams and was blown away. This is a genre bending read, you can’t easily define it but it left a lasting impression and made me a huge fan of Tilbury.

The Weight of Lies was a book within a book, one of my favorite devices especially if it’s executed well. This had a fantastic atmosphere and a compelling storyline, I loved it!

I’m sure this choice surprises absolutely no one, but I can’t have a best of list without Karin Slaughter! The Good Daughter is one of my most popular reviews and one that I’m most proud of so this book holds a special place in my heart. I’m not going to start gushing about this book yet again, check out my review if you’re interested.

Bring Her Home was a good old fashioned mystery, it didn’t rely on cheap thrills or insane plot twists but it still delivered in a major way. The twists were subtle and just so well done, it’s my favorite Bell book to date.

Dead Woman Walking has a crazy premise, but in the best possible way. Hot air balloons, nuns, human trafficking and peacocks. For real, but it all works SO well.

Block 46 is profound, harrowing and will challenge you as a reader. It’s stunning and such a sophisticated crime novel.

Chris Whitaker is a force to be reckoned with, he’s redefining the genre and he is insanely talented. I wrote a gushy review for All the Wicked Girls, I may be a fangirl.

The River at Night is a crazy adventure thriller, heart pounding, intense with an atmosphere that will chill you to the bone.

If you’re in the mood for a fantastic serial killer thriller you have to read UNSUB. Deadly game of cat and mouse, tight plot and a lead character that you can root for. Book two is out in early 2018 so catch up ASAP!

The Fourth Monkey is another outstanding serial killer thriller, creepy, daring, fearless and in your face, this is not for the faint of heart.

Tomorrow is the last day of my favorite reads of the year post and I’m a little sad but more excited for what 2018 brings! I’ve already read three books that release next year that made it on my best of the year shelf on Goodreads πŸ˜‚ That’s amazing but I may have to start sharing my favorites in June if things stay this way.

What do you think of my list, have I tempted you? What were your favorite thrillers this year?

Best Debuts of 2017 #Bestof2017

Time for part three of my best books of the year and this time I’m focusing on the most outstanding debuts I read. The books on this list all stunned me in some way and I’m SO excited that several of them are the start of a new series! I’m also going to be sharing my favorite book from my throwback Thursday reads and my favorite audiobook as a little bonus.

If you missed the first two lists and are interested you can find them here, I shared my top psychological thrillers, historical fiction and women’s fiction books.


I read Sirens very early last year and guessed it would still be a favorite by years end and I was absolutely right. This is a truly special book, it’s just a stunning read and while I was lucky enough to snag a UK copy, it’s publishing here in the US in February, I urge you to preorder it!

Sometimes I’m an idiot who avoids super hyped up books just for the sake of being stubborn and that’s what happened with The Dry. Thank goodness I came to my senses and read this gem because it was phenomenal. The second book is out early next year and I’m so excited I’m all caught up. If you’ve been holding out like I did I recommend that you hurry and read it before Force of Nature hits the shelves!

Ragdoll opened with a tense prologue and that intensity never let up for a minute, I was engrossed throughout and blown away that this was a debut! Book two is out in 2018 and I believe not until the summer so you have time for this one first.

Good Me Bad Me was a powerful read and one that I still think about to this day. I think it’s one of my longest reviews I’ve ever written so obviously there is much to ponder.

Six Stories was so well done and had an amazingly unique format, I absolutely devoured this one! I just received book two, Hydra and I have no doubt I’ll love it just as much.

Favorite TBT read

How can I not choose Beartown?! If you’ve read this you’ll understand, it’s profound, moving and emotional and so gorgeously written. If you haven’t read it you have to.

Favorite audiobook

I didn’t even review this on here, just Goodreads but that was due to time constraints and nothing to do with how much I loved it! I had listened to Today Will Be Different and while the story was just ok, the narrator was incredible. WYGB had the same amazing narrator, Kathleen Wilhoite and she is SO good, she even made me tear up at one point! If you’re hesitant about audiobooks a good narrator can make all the difference so look Kathleen up and give one of her books a try!

Two more posts left, I’ll be sharing my favorite standalone thrillers one day and then my favorite series the next and then it’ll officially be 2018! 😱😱😱

What do you think of my picks, agree or disagree? Did I miss any debuts that I need to add to Mount TBR?

Best Women’s Fiction & Historical Fiction of 2017

Welcome to part two of my favorite reads of 2017 list! I decided to combine Women’s Fiction and Historical today because as a new reader of HF I only have a few books on that list. Plus, I already have like five of these posts coming up πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

If you missed part one I shared my favorite psychological thrillers! Women’s FictionSweet Tea and Sympathy was sassy, sarcastic and hilarious!

It Happens All the Time was a powerful, timely and moving read.

Moonlight Over Manhattan was a romantic comedy that was absolutely perfect in my eyes!

I loved Slightly South of Simple, it had family drama, humor and a dash of romance. Hurry and read it before the next book in the series is out in the spring!

Christie Barlow is one of my favorite authors, The Cosy Canal Boat Dream was an absolutely delightful read.

Kristan Higgins is the queen of women’s fiction and she released two stellar reads this year, both On Second Thought and Now That You Mention It were amazing!

Historical FictionThe Address was a beautifully written tale told in dual narratives, I was swept away to another time and place.

When We Danced at the End of the Pier was an epic saga, just gorgeous.

The Lost Letter was endlessly fascinating and beautifully told, I loved it.

If forced to pick my favorite book of the year regardless of genre, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo would be a strong contender. I recommend this book to EVERYONE and it’s one of the few I plan on reading again someday.

Phew, that’s quite a list! Have you read any of these, or do you plan to? I would love to hear any of your favorite WF or HF books from this year. Especially HF as I’m such a newbie.

Best Psychological Thrillers of 2017

It’s already that time of year, can you even believe we’re just days away from 2018?! I can’t, and what a year it’s been. Reading wise it’s been another phenomenal year, the talent seems to get raised another notch as the years pass on and like many of you, I’ve been struggling to pick my absolute favorite books from 2017. Instead of doing just one combined list this year I broke them up into categories to best suit me haha. First up is my favorite, psychological thrillers! This is most definitely my most asked for genre when someone wants a recommendation and it also happens to be my favorite sub genre to read, when you stumble upon a well executed PT it makes for an entertaining, fun experience that I just can’t get enough of. All of these books have been published in 2017 and were books I read this year and they’re listed in no particular order.

Slater is one of my go to authors when I’m craving a fast paced, twisty tale and Blink is my favorite of hers so far. It was twisty, dark and had a great premise.

The Memory Watcher was one of the best surprises for me this year, I was hooked instantly by this one and found it fresh and exciting.

Ellison is another favorite of mine and Lie to Me was amazing. It left me reeling and the dual narratives were executed to perfection.

Not only does Exquisite have one of my favorite covers from 2017 what’s inside is just as gorgeous albeit in a more obsessive, sinister way.

The Secrets She Keeps was meticulously plotted and downright addictive, I absolutely loved it!

Never Let You Go was my first Stevens book and I was blown away, it’s chilling, intense and unputdownable.

Special bonus! There’s two books coming in 2018 that have already earned themselves a spot on my best of list for next year that I want to make sure are on your TBR.

The Wife Between Us was so cleverly executed and sharply written, a must read for fans of domestic suspense.

Sometimes I Lie is out in March and I’ll be sharing my review next month, but holy moly was it amazing! I’ll also have three copies up for grabs so watch this space. Actually watch my Instagram πŸ˜‚

So there you have it, my first of many (πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ) upcoming posts for my top reads of 2017! Do you agree with any of my picks? Did I convince you to add any of these to your TBR?

What were your favorite psychological thrillers from this year, I’m always looking for recommendations.